May 18, 2013

My Favourite Youtubers

I found myself surfing the internet more than ever. I use to spend hours reading people blogs but now I could spend hours watching youtube as well. I've grown into loving youtube artist. It's amazing how youtube artist nowadays produce very high quality of videos. *standing ovation* Here are my list of favourite youtube artist in no particular order.

#1 Ryan Higa

Who doesn't know this guy, really? Ryan Higa never fails to have at least a million views in each of his videos. I am a fan. He is hilarious! What I like about him is, he has this great sense of humour, creative and he have two channels. One nigahiga another higatv, which opens larger opportunities for fans like me to stalk him. Teehee.

One of my favourite scene from MAPOTI. He screamed Naruto and I couldn't control myself laughing like a mad cow. Another thing about him that I like is, he post videos every week! So diligent okay! And I find him really attractive!  

#2 Jayesslee

The dynamic duo from Australia. They are twins! Two very beautiful, elegant sisters. Their voices are as angelic as they looks. They have too many wonderful covers which I could repeat hearing again and again. One of it is Officially Missing You which shot them to fame. I hope I could go to their showcase next time in Malaysia!

The last time they were here in Malaysia was during my exam = = 

Jayeslee have two channels as well. One is Jayesslee and another is Jayessleetv. And another channel that I love is Andymetsonia, which belongs to one of the sisters, Sonia and her husband Andy. Can't wait for their next video!

#3 Kurthugo Schneider

He produce really good videos. He helped many artist to make videos. And he is a great musician! One of my favourite is this! Pink's medley!!! (Y)

#4 Jinnyboytv

I think most of us Malaysians know this two guys. They made a great success in making videos in youtube. I find it very related-able because it's very Malaysian. Their video, Only in Malaysia receive one of the most views. They have short films like Untold, which receive great response from the viewers as well. 

#5 Joel Tan @ gentlebones

I gotta give in to my friend Jo for introducing this channel. He have one of the most mesmerizing voice! I fell in love at first view. Joel Tan is a Singaporean. Do check him out, his originals are amazing as well. This guy's video are worthy for more views!

#6 Benranway

They are bloggers actually. but they make videos as well. I love their videos because they are very funny and very real. The one on the left is typicalben and on the right is randyys.

#7 Gerald Ko

I just found his channel recently. I found him through his cover on 爱你 by Kimberley Chen. Love this song! He sang soooo good. Since then, I've subscribe his channel and listen to his covers. I thought who only cover chinese songs but his english covers are really awesome too! He did a cover with Arden Cho on Pink's Try and it was melodious. PS: He is a pharmacist! How awesome!

#8 Arden Cho

She is absolutely a beauty! And she have such a great voice! She vlogs and sings! Just last night I heard her cover on Midnight by B2ST. It was so good!!! I first saw her in JunCurryAnh's video, Just Give Me A Reason cover. She is super elegant okay. I want to be like her T.T

So this are a few of my favourite youtube artist. See you guys next time tata! I still have exam next week, urgh! I'm already on holiday mood -.-

{Cheers, Pr.}

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  1. Thanks a lot for the list
    I also adore the twins
    For your exams, go on a blitz
    In the end you will win
    All the best for each day
    May God show you the way


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