May 17, 2013


Hey ho. I am excited to do this video for mom, it was just a sudden urge to do this. I was inspire by many bloggers who did many videos as well. So I embrace myself and talk in front of the camera for the first time.

This is officially my first time. The last time I talk in front of the camera was a birthday video dedicated to Voon Wei, which was last year. And in 2011, during PMR, my friends and I did a video together. So this is is my first time solo. (Okaylah, with Apple)

I just show this video in front of my family. And mom just knew they I've posted two videos on youtube already. And she is encouraging me to do it more often or blog more often now coz I say can earn money wan. lol. Yeah, and dad praise me for being so creative at editing. Seriously, if this is creative, what does Ryan Higa editing meant? Hhahaha. You get the point :)

I am looking forward into doing more videos because I find it really fun and interesting. My next project is kinda wacky and crazy haha. I hope it turns out well! Please stay tune for my 4th vlog ;)

{Cheers, Pr.}

PS: Video of the day.

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