May 29, 2013

Lovely Wednesday ♥

Yesterday, mom and us plan our Wednesday schedule. Sounds like some serious business huh. Haha, we plan what were we going to do today. Starting with morning, we'll go to have breakfast at my uncle's and then mom with my aunt will go to the dentist check-up.

At noon, we'll have lunch and later off to the movies! I said, "Wow, seems like we are so busy". "Busy having fun" Hahaha.

Brought Apple to the movies today. We three sisters went to watch EPIC 3D while mom and my aunt went to watch the awesome Fast & Furious 6. I wish I could watch it because it is genuinely awesome. Too bad the cinema here was very strict. My cousin told me that when she was watching Fast 6, the cinema people came in to check everyone's I/C (especially those with young faces), and the were sent out of the cinema. Strict or what?

And so we all watch EPIC. My first time watching a 3D movie. Est watch quite a number of 3D movies already. I think her first 3D movie was Justin Bieber's documentary -___- wtf. Oh, and Apple fall asleep after 20 minutes of the show? lol. So cute. Some more in the cinema got so many children of her age.

Since we finish our movie first, I treated them XXL FRIED CHICKENNNN. YUMS. The chicken is so big that it could cover Apple's head lol. But I heard the original Taiwan's XXL Fried Chicken is even BIGGER. Daebak. 

Donuts for tea time. The donuts tasted goddamn good. I'll only have a donut in 1 or 2 years time once? I should have it more often. But...very high in sugar... ok changed my mind.

Evening we went for a evening stroll in the neighbourhood with grandpa. Apple climbed so high. Climb baby climb.

Eating steamboat tonight. Yay! Just called dad just now and he's on the way to the gym. Dad has been diligently going to the gym almost everyday. Well, he has always been this diligent. Rarely skip a day at the gym unless mom persuade him to slack la haha.

{Cheers, Pr.}

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  1. That was a lovely Wednesday
    A happy "busy having fun" day
    Half-yearly check-up is advisable
    In order to prevent dental trouble

    X-rated movies should be banned
    Exercise to live healthy and grand
    If you lead an active lifestyle
    Eat what you want & always smile


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