May 4, 2013


One more day til our 13th Election. As a Malaysian, although not up to the legal age to vote, I have my say. Disclaimer: These simply are my thoughts only.

Since early this year, the topic has been all about ELECTION. It's actually very intense for me. Because for the last election, which was in year 2008, I was only 12. All I knew that time was, many different flags. For this 13th election, I am aware of my surroundings and the election process.

You could see different parti's hanging up their flags, having talks all around the country. Social medias are actively following #GE13 updates. News and newspapers are constantly updating the latest news for the citizens.

It's sad that some parti are not playing fair in this election. I think it somehow became a habit. We need to play tricks to win. NO. You want to win something, you gotta play fair. You try your best by putting up more efforts but never cheat.

What we want is peace in the country. A less corrupted country. All for a brighter future of our country. To voice up. The younger generation see and hear everything. We get influence easily. As a leader, a good example should be set for the younger generation.

Like what other people say, the younger generation couldn't talk about political issues because we are not mature enough. We don't know things as the adults do. But all I know is, I want a change. A change for the better. A better Malaysia.

Safety isn't something I could find in Malaysia. It's dreadful to know that, a girl who was waiting for a bus got killed at the bus stop. You could be kill at a bus stop! wth is this.

You may think whatever I'm saying here is very immature. But we live in a democratic country, I still have my say right?

Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill my duty as the nation's citizen by voting in the next election. By then I'll be 22, legally eligible.

5月5 换政府
Please check your voting paper if it is dirty, even a single dot! That vote will be forfeited. And please erase any nail polish before voting tomorrow. And don't forget your IC!

A day we make history!

Read this for more info: VOTE EARLY


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