May 27, 2013

I smell home

Hi everyone! It's us again ^o^ She gave a shock face lol. This morning we have sudden change of plans and *walah*, my butt is in Pahang now. And grandpa is watching wrestling now. *clears throat*

Anyways, it feels good to be in the the outskirts where life is simpler and the air is fresher. It has always been. Had lunch at my aunt's today. She cooked yong tau foo. It was damn good. My stomach enlarges into a balloon after that meal. I have a really long nap in the evening, which makes me feel sleepy now? Weird. I think what the old folks say is true, the more you sleep, the more tired you get

Just now, I made a sudden decision to bake ba-na-na-ba-ba-na-na ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na cakeee! *licks*

Mmm good. A bit too moisture but heck who cares, it tasted so banana. And I guess it taste even yummier because I made it. Yay. Plus, did you notice the weighing scale? It is so vintage. It belongs to my late grandmother. She use it a decade ago or so when she was selling in the local market. When I brought it out, grandpa noticed it and I guess there is somewhere deep in his head, he was thinking of grandma.

And I notice that little Apple seems to be homesick... She miss papa. She kept putting on her shoes and staring out the door and grabbing our hand, hoping we'll open the door and go home. We did Tango pa just now and it was such a sweet moment. All of us have our time in the video call. The lil one recognizes dad through the phone :) And dad got our little message we left him back at home teehee.

{Goodnight, Pr.}


  1. banana cake, me love.

  2. Hi there young lady
    So soon another story
    Me too love banana cake
    But don't know how to bake
    Only good in the eating
    But not in the making
    Apple's a little angel
    A future lovely girl
    Good health to your grandpa
    Till next time it's sayonara


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