May 24, 2013

A Birthday Note

          On Wednesday (22/05/13), I woke up real early to study for my last three papers. Before I went to school, I made a little surprise for mom. It was her birthday. And I'll feel bad if I didn't do something for her. So I made birthday notes for her. I stick a total of 5 notes all over the house.

I try to imagine where mom will walk in the house when she woke up. She'll first see her phone to check out what time, so I put one on her phone. I also stick one next to the door so when she goes to open it she'll see it. Then I stick one at the kitchen switch because she'll on it in the morning. Stick one at the laundry door because she'll take laundry out. And one more above the oven because she'll prepare breakfast at the counter top.

Mom was caught by surprise from the notes that I gave. When she pick me up from school that day, the first thing I said was Happy Birthday! Then she gave me an enthusiastic Yay....! haha. Mom loves birthdays and mother's day.

Mom told me she stick my birthday notes in her diary :)

The most surprising thing on her birthday was gotta be the surprise from dad. Which was, for me, so sweet of dad! Dad rarely do this kind of things. Yesterday, dad came home with slices of cake for mom. hahaah. Mom was sooooo happy! And since dad bought the cake that afternoon, he kept bragging to us lol. He said, "How can a birthday be a birthday if there's no cake? Haiyoh". Mom kept blushing only! Hahaha.

{Love, Pr.}

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  1. It's really a beautiful thing to do
    That's truly very loving of you
    Not a surprise your mum was happy
    May she always be fine and dandy
    To your mum a happy birthday
    Many happy returns of the day


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