May 11, 2013

11th of May

Today is the first time I use LINE with dad. haha not bad ah, pa!

We were discussing a little bit about Mother's Day which is tomorrow, 11th of May.

I've decided to do something with my sisters later. Hopefully lil Apple will wake up a little earlier before mom comes home and sees it. Apple loves painting and anything art related. It's somehow in our blood. We inherit mom's artistic gene, sort of.

This morning we manage to have a family breakfast together at a mamak stall. Mom and dad had tea time there yesterday and decide to bring us along for us to try because the food is good. They always do that; i mean, when they try some good new food, they will bring us along in the next trip to share this good food with us.

From my little conversation with dad, we plan to cook dinner tomorrow. We'll go to the morning market and get some ingredients for dinner. Mom will have a day-off in the kitchen. She's been cooking for 934851 times in a year. Time for a good rest :) But mom actually enjoys cooking in the kitchen, she often watch cooking programmes or her cooking book to cook something new.

Then she'll say, "Today I learn this dish from the tv/book". She'll briefly explain about the procedure. Dad share the common interest. He enjoy watching cooking programmes as well. In fact, everyone in my family loves to watch anything related to food.


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