May 30, 2013

Just call dad just now to tell him about my situation. And I got scolded for not taking care of myself and being sick. I got sick last night, a severe fever due to the lack of sleep and the lack of water intake. I smiled at dad's concern, I smell a dad's love to his daughter. Love you dad. I'm feeling better now and somehow got my appetite back and getting hungrier every second as I tune into the Asian Food Channel. Bye.

May 29, 2013

Lovely Wednesday ♥

Yesterday, mom and us plan our Wednesday schedule. Sounds like some serious business huh. Haha, we plan what were we going to do today. Starting with morning, we'll go to have breakfast at my uncle's and then mom with my aunt will go to the dentist check-up.

At noon, we'll have lunch and later off to the movies! I said, "Wow, seems like we are so busy". "Busy having fun" Hahaha.

Brought Apple to the movies today. We three sisters went to watch EPIC 3D while mom and my aunt went to watch the awesome Fast & Furious 6. I wish I could watch it because it is genuinely awesome. Too bad the cinema here was very strict. My cousin told me that when she was watching Fast 6, the cinema people came in to check everyone's I/C (especially those with young faces), and the were sent out of the cinema. Strict or what?

And so we all watch EPIC. My first time watching a 3D movie. Est watch quite a number of 3D movies already. I think her first 3D movie was Justin Bieber's documentary -___- wtf. Oh, and Apple fall asleep after 20 minutes of the show? lol. So cute. Some more in the cinema got so many children of her age.

Since we finish our movie first, I treated them XXL FRIED CHICKENNNN. YUMS. The chicken is so big that it could cover Apple's head lol. But I heard the original Taiwan's XXL Fried Chicken is even BIGGER. Daebak. 

Donuts for tea time. The donuts tasted goddamn good. I'll only have a donut in 1 or 2 years time once? I should have it more often. But...very high in sugar... ok changed my mind.

Evening we went for a evening stroll in the neighbourhood with grandpa. Apple climbed so high. Climb baby climb.

Eating steamboat tonight. Yay! Just called dad just now and he's on the way to the gym. Dad has been diligently going to the gym almost everyday. Well, he has always been this diligent. Rarely skip a day at the gym unless mom persuade him to slack la haha.

{Cheers, Pr.}

May 28, 2013

A trip to the barber

Morning shot. While waiting for mom, we linger around.

Before lunch, lil' Apple and I went for cut at the local barber shop. Apple's first hair cut took place here.

This afternoon we had some Indian banana leaf rice. It was delicious. Spicy and savoury at the same time, just nice for our taste buds. Have a great weekend guys :)

{Cheers, Pr.}

May 27, 2013

I smell home

Hi everyone! It's us again ^o^ She gave a shock face lol. This morning we have sudden change of plans and *walah*, my butt is in Pahang now. And grandpa is watching wrestling now. *clears throat*

Anyways, it feels good to be in the the outskirts where life is simpler and the air is fresher. It has always been. Had lunch at my aunt's today. She cooked yong tau foo. It was damn good. My stomach enlarges into a balloon after that meal. I have a really long nap in the evening, which makes me feel sleepy now? Weird. I think what the old folks say is true, the more you sleep, the more tired you get

Just now, I made a sudden decision to bake ba-na-na-ba-ba-na-na ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na cakeee! *licks*

Mmm good. A bit too moisture but heck who cares, it tasted so banana. And I guess it taste even yummier because I made it. Yay. Plus, did you notice the weighing scale? It is so vintage. It belongs to my late grandmother. She use it a decade ago or so when she was selling in the local market. When I brought it out, grandpa noticed it and I guess there is somewhere deep in his head, he was thinking of grandma.

And I notice that little Apple seems to be homesick... She miss papa. She kept putting on her shoes and staring out the door and grabbing our hand, hoping we'll open the door and go home. We did Tango pa just now and it was such a sweet moment. All of us have our time in the video call. The lil one recognizes dad through the phone :) And dad got our little message we left him back at home teehee.

{Goodnight, Pr.}

May 26, 2013


Just now, I signed in to my blogger and what laid infront of my eyes is this lucky number. Hahah dafuq.


I've been blogging since May 2009. Now is May 2013. 5 years of blogging.


wtf. What have I done in this past five years? Blogging. Ya right... Anyways..

I can't believe I've been blogging for 5 freaking years. It started out as a hobby and it still is. I wanted a platform where I could share my thoughts, like a diary, something that won't go missing. And I found blogger. What keeps me blogging throughout the years are the things in life which I'm grateful of, the moments and memories that I want myself to remember in the future.

Sometimes I reread my post and I'll secretly smile, recalling some moments in life. I have numerous blogs actually. I have at least 5? Haha. I remember having a blog under my friend, Ern and myself. Then there was another blog which was the first blog I've open. This is the 3rd or 4th I guess. And it's the one I hope to continue on throughout the years coming.

The number 21212 may not be a lot for some of you. But for an average joe like me, I feel great! I started blogging for myself. I still am. But now I have a few other people who read my blog. Which is the readers which I don't came to know. I was shock when my blog have quite a number of views. It was weird when there are people besides my friends and family who reads my blog.

I didn't find the chance to thank those who comment on my blog. I wanted to reply those who took the time to comment. It's hard work; you gotta type a comment, key in the captcha and then click comment. Good efforts! Haha :D

And recently I've been receiving comments from a guy/girl in the form of poem. And I gotta say, it gave me the motivation to keep on blogging. And the recent one, about my exam, I was stress out that time and when I read that comment, it sort of boost me up. So thank you whoever you are out there who commented on and everyone else :)

I don't know how to reply the guy/girl who gave me the comment so yah mentioning it here should pass the message to him/her ;)

And again, thank you you sweet a** people.

Note: I just recounted and I think I actually blogged for 4 years. haha...nevermind lah!

{Cheers, Pr.}

May 24, 2013

A Birthday Note

          On Wednesday (22/05/13), I woke up real early to study for my last three papers. Before I went to school, I made a little surprise for mom. It was her birthday. And I'll feel bad if I didn't do something for her. So I made birthday notes for her. I stick a total of 5 notes all over the house.

I try to imagine where mom will walk in the house when she woke up. She'll first see her phone to check out what time, so I put one on her phone. I also stick one next to the door so when she goes to open it she'll see it. Then I stick one at the kitchen switch because she'll on it in the morning. Stick one at the laundry door because she'll take laundry out. And one more above the oven because she'll prepare breakfast at the counter top.

Mom was caught by surprise from the notes that I gave. When she pick me up from school that day, the first thing I said was Happy Birthday! Then she gave me an enthusiastic Yay....! haha. Mom loves birthdays and mother's day.

Mom told me she stick my birthday notes in her diary :)

The most surprising thing on her birthday was gotta be the surprise from dad. Which was, for me, so sweet of dad! Dad rarely do this kind of things. Yesterday, dad came home with slices of cake for mom. hahaah. Mom was sooooo happy! And since dad bought the cake that afternoon, he kept bragging to us lol. He said, "How can a birthday be a birthday if there's no cake? Haiyoh". Mom kept blushing only! Hahaha.

{Love, Pr.}


          From my last post, I think some of you know that my mom's birthday was two days ago. It was a lovely Wednesday. I just finish my exam that day and yay to celebration! :) We plan to go karaoke later but when we finished dinner, it was already late and Est still have exam the next day. 

Apple took my menu away.

Dim sum, steam rice and coconut jelly!

Mom with her dessert. She was already 3/4 full but she insist in having another bowl of dessert because the restaurant recommend it. Usually dad will stop her but since it's her birthday, dad say, "Eat lah. On your birthday lei dai sai". Which translates to, she hold the strongest power on her birthday. So she can eat anything she want lol.

We switch our table after eating a few dishes because our table was so hot and humid. We couldn't feel the air-cond at all. And caused us sweat wth. So we switch tables. And it was really funny because once we switch tables, we were making alot of noise. " cooling.." "ah...." "Just now there so hot oh"


Happy happy birthday mama!

We love you!

{Love, Pr.}

May 22, 2013


          Sun kiss skin, so hot! For the past few days, the weather has been crazy. It was very hot. I sweat almost 24 hours a day. Insane. But it was really the truth. That day i came home sweating like a gorilla (idk if gorilla's sweat). My glasses were covered with water vapour and chin was sweating! Madness.

Luckily though, on Monday it rained. I think it's human nature to complain bout the weather. When the weather is so hot, we want rain. When the weather is cold, we want the Sun. I think the weather guy must be very busy receiving complaints everyday. Bless you.

I have two good news to share today.


My mid term exam is finally over! Three gruesome weeks of examination. I'm gonna regain my sleeping time now. My sleep is deprived almost everyday, which I think cost me black circles underneath my eyes.

One thing about this exam; I think I've tried my best to improve but still it's a horror to find myself stuck at numerous questions during exam. I figure out things that I left out in my last exam but I'm still stuck in the midst of study in detail. I miss lots of stuff during my revision. Something I should keep an eye on.

Pardon me or being superstitious, but I think this time around luck wasn't on my side. Lol. When I recheck my past papers, I guess I've used up all my exam luck. In the past exams, whenever I don't know the answer to the question, I'll just give up and shoot any answers and I got it right. Seriously...

This time my feng shui not good lol. Things that I didn't pay attention on came out during exam where as the ones that I spend most of my time on didn't showed up. #badluckpris


I've lost 1kg!!! *jumps up and down* Omg I am so happy I tell you. Haha but this weight loss could be regained easily. Omg yesterday I ate a lot of hokkien mee -__- I attend yoga classes for quite some time now and I find myself loving it even more every time.

The past few papers wasn't my forte and made me all stress up so I decide to take a break and have some yoga. Yoga really helps me to loosen up and relax. That's why I'm keen to attend yoga classes everyday. And since exam is over, I could go more often now! ^_^

Yesterday yoga class was a little unusual. A guy behind me kept burping like every minute. He even farted in class -__- Which reminds me of mom. My sister told me she had it worst. She was in between of mom and another lady and both of them farted a lot also. PS: She was in the middle. Haha I pity her.

I want to fart in class next time *evil smile*

Hey PS: Today is mom's birthday! Est was planning to buy mom a cake since mom likes cakes a lot. We'll see how!

{Cheers, Pr.}

May 18, 2013

My Favourite Youtubers

I found myself surfing the internet more than ever. I use to spend hours reading people blogs but now I could spend hours watching youtube as well. I've grown into loving youtube artist. It's amazing how youtube artist nowadays produce very high quality of videos. *standing ovation* Here are my list of favourite youtube artist in no particular order.

#1 Ryan Higa

Who doesn't know this guy, really? Ryan Higa never fails to have at least a million views in each of his videos. I am a fan. He is hilarious! What I like about him is, he has this great sense of humour, creative and he have two channels. One nigahiga another higatv, which opens larger opportunities for fans like me to stalk him. Teehee.

One of my favourite scene from MAPOTI. He screamed Naruto and I couldn't control myself laughing like a mad cow. Another thing about him that I like is, he post videos every week! So diligent okay! And I find him really attractive!  

#2 Jayesslee

The dynamic duo from Australia. They are twins! Two very beautiful, elegant sisters. Their voices are as angelic as they looks. They have too many wonderful covers which I could repeat hearing again and again. One of it is Officially Missing You which shot them to fame. I hope I could go to their showcase next time in Malaysia!

The last time they were here in Malaysia was during my exam = = 

Jayeslee have two channels as well. One is Jayesslee and another is Jayessleetv. And another channel that I love is Andymetsonia, which belongs to one of the sisters, Sonia and her husband Andy. Can't wait for their next video!

#3 Kurthugo Schneider

He produce really good videos. He helped many artist to make videos. And he is a great musician! One of my favourite is this! Pink's medley!!! (Y)

#4 Jinnyboytv

I think most of us Malaysians know this two guys. They made a great success in making videos in youtube. I find it very related-able because it's very Malaysian. Their video, Only in Malaysia receive one of the most views. They have short films like Untold, which receive great response from the viewers as well. 

#5 Joel Tan @ gentlebones

I gotta give in to my friend Jo for introducing this channel. He have one of the most mesmerizing voice! I fell in love at first view. Joel Tan is a Singaporean. Do check him out, his originals are amazing as well. This guy's video are worthy for more views!

#6 Benranway

They are bloggers actually. but they make videos as well. I love their videos because they are very funny and very real. The one on the left is typicalben and on the right is randyys.

#7 Gerald Ko

I just found his channel recently. I found him through his cover on 爱你 by Kimberley Chen. Love this song! He sang soooo good. Since then, I've subscribe his channel and listen to his covers. I thought who only cover chinese songs but his english covers are really awesome too! He did a cover with Arden Cho on Pink's Try and it was melodious. PS: He is a pharmacist! How awesome!

#8 Arden Cho

She is absolutely a beauty! And she have such a great voice! She vlogs and sings! Just last night I heard her cover on Midnight by B2ST. It was so good!!! I first saw her in JunCurryAnh's video, Just Give Me A Reason cover. She is super elegant okay. I want to be like her T.T

So this are a few of my favourite youtube artist. See you guys next time tata! I still have exam next week, urgh! I'm already on holiday mood -.-

{Cheers, Pr.}

May 17, 2013


Hey ho. I am excited to do this video for mom, it was just a sudden urge to do this. I was inspire by many bloggers who did many videos as well. So I embrace myself and talk in front of the camera for the first time.

This is officially my first time. The last time I talk in front of the camera was a birthday video dedicated to Voon Wei, which was last year. And in 2011, during PMR, my friends and I did a video together. So this is is my first time solo. (Okaylah, with Apple)

I just show this video in front of my family. And mom just knew they I've posted two videos on youtube already. And she is encouraging me to do it more often or blog more often now coz I say can earn money wan. lol. Yeah, and dad praise me for being so creative at editing. Seriously, if this is creative, what does Ryan Higa editing meant? Hhahaha. You get the point :)

I am looking forward into doing more videos because I find it really fun and interesting. My next project is kinda wacky and crazy haha. I hope it turns out well! Please stay tune for my 4th vlog ;)

{Cheers, Pr.}

PS: Video of the day.

May 16, 2013

When there's a day to slack...

Slack! :P

Hey people. Having a day off for teacher's day. This year, teacher's day is in between of my mid year exam. I am exhausted from studying (sort of). The time table is quite intense. You gotta cope up with two important subjects in a day. I find it hard to balance my time for both subjects in a day.

Yesterday was so relaxing. 24/7 sleeping, eating and...laundry-ing lol. It was so good to relax myself and not to study for a while. And it felt like I'm on holiday already.

About laundry-ing... lol. There's this new dobi in our area. And it's 24 hours open. Self service. It's call DobiDoo. Somehow sounds like Scooby-dooby doo. So they have promote a 10 days free trial for washing. Dad say since it's free why not check it out. So mom and I went. We brought all of our bed sheets, comforters, pillow case to wash. We wash a total of 3 times already. And just now we brought our curtains there lol.

It's my first time going to a dobi and I like this new concept. Out of states, it's nothing new but in Malaysia, we rarely see 24 hours self-service dobi. Plus it's considerably cheaper than normal dobi's. And more hygienic. Yesterday I was thinking to give a ring to Linghes about this because it's so cool and around our area.

Now almost every clothing, curtains, bed sheet, comforter smells so good...just like...

{Cheers, Pr.}

May 14, 2013

Too hot to go poo poo

This morning, mom caught Nelson poo poo in the toilet.

"Essie, why Nelson da bian (poop) in the toilet?"

Usually Nelson will go out and do his business. The only exception was during rainy days or when we went out for a long time. And mom didn't like Nelson doing his business in the house because the smell will spread til the whole house.

My sister replied,

"Outside too hot already. So he can't da bian outside"


My sister theory was, the strikingly hot weather made the ground hot and then it was too hot til Nelson couldn't sit down and poo poo so he decided to poo poo inside the house.

in case you guys don't know who is Nelson. Nelson is our pet cat.

May 11, 2013

11th of May

Today is the first time I use LINE with dad. haha not bad ah, pa!

We were discussing a little bit about Mother's Day which is tomorrow, 11th of May.

I've decided to do something with my sisters later. Hopefully lil Apple will wake up a little earlier before mom comes home and sees it. Apple loves painting and anything art related. It's somehow in our blood. We inherit mom's artistic gene, sort of.

This morning we manage to have a family breakfast together at a mamak stall. Mom and dad had tea time there yesterday and decide to bring us along for us to try because the food is good. They always do that; i mean, when they try some good new food, they will bring us along in the next trip to share this good food with us.

From my little conversation with dad, we plan to cook dinner tomorrow. We'll go to the morning market and get some ingredients for dinner. Mom will have a day-off in the kitchen. She's been cooking for 934851 times in a year. Time for a good rest :) But mom actually enjoys cooking in the kitchen, she often watch cooking programmes or her cooking book to cook something new.

Then she'll say, "Today I learn this dish from the tv/book". She'll briefly explain about the procedure. Dad share the common interest. He enjoy watching cooking programmes as well. In fact, everyone in my family loves to watch anything related to food.


May 5, 2013


I woke up early in the morning today and followed dad to the market. I wanted to go to the market. To see the atmosphere. Before we reach the market, we passed by the venue to vote. It was 7.30am. I saw so many cars outside the school already.

Many were waiting by their car. Waiting til the clock strikes 8. Then when I went to the market, I could hear the uncle and aunty at the market talking about today's election.





"Haven't go to vote?

"Not yet la. So early meh?"

"Go earlier better!"



"Remember to go and vote later"


"I will. After you close your shop, go back earlier to vote too"

It gives me a very touching moment. To see how enthusiastic everyone is, to fulfill their duty as a Malaysian. I could only keep myself updated through the news and social medias. I would like to have my finger ink as well! Although the queue is long, we have to wait. This is the time! The time for change! I hope to witness the voting venue later alongside with my parents.


May 4, 2013


One more day til our 13th Election. As a Malaysian, although not up to the legal age to vote, I have my say. Disclaimer: These simply are my thoughts only.

Since early this year, the topic has been all about ELECTION. It's actually very intense for me. Because for the last election, which was in year 2008, I was only 12. All I knew that time was, many different flags. For this 13th election, I am aware of my surroundings and the election process.

You could see different parti's hanging up their flags, having talks all around the country. Social medias are actively following #GE13 updates. News and newspapers are constantly updating the latest news for the citizens.

It's sad that some parti are not playing fair in this election. I think it somehow became a habit. We need to play tricks to win. NO. You want to win something, you gotta play fair. You try your best by putting up more efforts but never cheat.

What we want is peace in the country. A less corrupted country. All for a brighter future of our country. To voice up. The younger generation see and hear everything. We get influence easily. As a leader, a good example should be set for the younger generation.

Like what other people say, the younger generation couldn't talk about political issues because we are not mature enough. We don't know things as the adults do. But all I know is, I want a change. A change for the better. A better Malaysia.

Safety isn't something I could find in Malaysia. It's dreadful to know that, a girl who was waiting for a bus got killed at the bus stop. You could be kill at a bus stop! wth is this.

You may think whatever I'm saying here is very immature. But we live in a democratic country, I still have my say right?

Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill my duty as the nation's citizen by voting in the next election. By then I'll be 22, legally eligible.

5月5 换政府
Please check your voting paper if it is dirty, even a single dot! That vote will be forfeited. And please erase any nail polish before voting tomorrow. And don't forget your IC!

A day we make history!

Read this for more info: VOTE EARLY


May 2, 2013


        YAHOO, I won something from a giveaway contest! Me iz so happy. Just exactly what I need for this moment. Brightening mask weih, suits me ^o^ I didn't expect to win because it was limited to the first 600 people only and I was number 600+, so meh...nevermind lah. But who knew, I won a mask :P

I was shock to hear that mom said that I have a letter. The last time I receive something was last year, from tourism Malaysia because I joined a contest too. Got a doll that time lol. But still, receiving a gift through mail is some what always very exciting for me :) Hehe, thank you!

{Yeah, Pr.}