Apr 20, 2013


Just came home from working out. Man it feels good! Being able to sweat like mad and knowing that your calories are definitely reducing by each drop of sweat. It was GREAT!

I'm very proud to say, I survived RPM today :D RPM stands for revolutions per minute, I just knew that just now too lol, god bless Google. So it's actually about cycling.

What to expect from this class? Sick, ear deafening music tracks and non-stop leg movement and heavy deep heart pumping, you won't be able to catch your breathe. Today's instructor was very attractive! Sorry, you can't miss out someone looking so attractive and yet so healthy and positive-minded.  First time in his class.

I always was terrified to join RPM. I always went out of breathe. My stamina sucks. It's such a shame to say that my mom and dad's stamina is even better than me, and they are like...what, forty plus already?! And I'm only seventeen. Man...gonna give them kudos for that! ^o^

Time by time, I feel like giving up or playing it easy, not following exactly the level of difficulty but something kept me going. THOSE SEXY LEGS. I WANT THESE...


Very very motivated to get these sexy legs... And immediately, the thought of giving up vanished. Wow, awesome right. Haha. And the thought of wanting to be healthy, to live a healthier life, to wear those pair of skinny jeans, to get down to a size that could wear the latest fashion trends... 

the ability to flaunt what you have worked hard for...



I'm so fired up now. I felt my thighs 1 cm smaller lol. 

Oh, and today I was so glad that I could stay for 9pm's MTV Jam. Dancing! YES YES YES, I was extremely eager to join dancing again. EXO's History.

Not similar, if I dance this, call me pro. The instructor did his own choreo. Which is very nice as well, simpler than this but yet very stylish too. Hope I could remember the steps!

Wonder if he would teach Gentleman. coz last time long ago, I saw someone teach Oppa Gangnam Style. Gentleman's beat is so catchy!

{Fresh, Pr.}

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