Apr 24, 2013


        Monday: Tea time with mom. It was raining cats and dogs and mom baked this banana cake.  The banana fragrance from the cake spread across the whole living room. Mmm..good. I got all excited when I took it out from the oven. After letting it chill for awhile, it's finally time to eat! That first bite was...DAMN GOOD. Upper layer of the cake was crunchy, just the way I like it. Man...I'm already missing it to bits.

One thing about baking, dad don't really fancy us baking because cakes and cookies are high in butter and sugar. Which means, high glucose level or cholesterol level. But to our surprise, dad urge mom to bake this time and even ate a couple of slices!

Once awhile don't hurt one lah! *licks*

{Loving, Pr.}


  1. I'm drooling again! Thanks for cake tehee :)

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