Apr 6, 2013

Some good feeling...

Good Morning Chemistry!

   Our school are having extra classes for both PMR and SPM candidates. Today was Chemistry and Biology. Wore a 3 quarter pants because all my long pj pants went into the washing machine already! I also put on a pair of slippers. Felt so casual. It feels goood :)

Other people too, wore home clothes. I wore my school's t-shirt lah. Some more can bring phone to school. A small exposure to college life? wtf. No lah. Just that, in a sense that we can bring phone to school and wear slippers...then it somehow felt that way lol.

So this reminded me of what my friend said earlier, other school can bring hand phones to school and also very home clothes on specific days where as my school,...we don't have any of that.

To my surprise, today's attendance was over-whelming. So many people came until there weren't enough seats for all and some had to seat outside wtf. 

My kawan, Yan Yan overslept and prank me today. She say she wouldn't be coming this morning but then she came. She was standing behind me and sms-ed me to turn around, lol I don't get what she sms that time, I thought she too blur until she sms also weird weird.

When it was the next period, we have some time to rest. Checked my phone and saw mom's text. Supposedly after Chemi class, I'll attend yoga class with mom but mom asked me to stay for another extra class. Then mom say later I come home got breakfast to eat! Sweetest text ever.

"After class you walk back with your friends, I will cook breakfast, we eat together k.."

and guess what she cook;
It's a potato dish ;)

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  1. Extra classes in school
    Be nobody's fool
    Make good use of the time
    Study hard to reach your prime
    You've a caring mother
    Be good to her forever

    Take care. Sayonara!


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