Apr 11, 2013


This ain't any ordinary pony tail. It seems like one but it's not. This pony tail
was tied by my mom.

After a refreshing wash, initially I'll get dress and later on tie my hair. I braided my hair today but it was so loose that it scattered. To my surprise mom helped me to braid but then complains my hair was too thick and so
she summed up into a pony tail without using a comb.

Throughout the whole day I don't even wanted to lay a hand on my hair although it was slightly messy at the back. It was tied by my mom. The last time my mom tied my hair would be in kindergarden. My hair was about my current length now and mom would tie different hairstyles everyday.

I would sit at the edge of the corner of the bed and she would tie my hair. And I'll head downstairs into uncle's van and be off to
school. And she'll go resume sleeping after that...wtf.

{Blessed, Pr.}

1 comment:

  1. Mom cares for you so much
    Helps you tie your pony tail
    Do always keep in touch
    Through your blog mail



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