Apr 20, 2013

Lights out!

For the past two days, there has been some power down. On Monday, the resident area didn't have an electric supply. It was so dark then. I remember mom and dad saying there was once a day where the whole Malaysia went out of electricity. Everyone was in complete darkness.
Thank god it only happen for a few hours. It started around 6pm, I was lying on the sofa and *poof*, the fan went dead. You know how are the weather these days..

So we lit up some candles and lanterns! Reminds me of Mooncake Festival :) Luckily, mom cooked dinner early that day, before the electric supply went down. So we all had a candle light dinner *-* I remember dad requesting for more candles at the dinner table outside so that he could pick the chunks of fish in the curry. Lolol.

And for the first time, I brought a candle into the bathroom and do my business. It gave a sort of retro feel wtf.

Since we figure out it was going to take a long time for TNB to fix the main electric supply, dad decide to bring us berjoli-joli. Berjoli-joli was to be meant by having fun or something like that lah. I thought we'd go to Giza but dad is so unpredictable. We went to IKEA.

Hahaha, we were able to bring Apple into Smalland. It's here second time here. She gets hyperactive whenever she recognize this place. She never bother looking back when she enters. So bad -_- It's nice to see her interacting with other children of her age because she face two teenagers and two adults and a cat everyday.

Oh, and we had to stick the sticker on her back lolol! Because she would get curious and tear it off, and if she tear it off they won't know which box number that have her belongings.

Est and I both used to go there whenever we're in IKEA. It was great childhood memories.

We had supper. Such guilty pleasure... I miss IKEA food so much. Managed to catch up on some good quality family time.

Around 9.30pm we went to pick little Apple. Turns out she was the only one left in there! Haiyoh...mei mei ^-^ So cute to see her there. Luckily we went earlier a bit. She even said Bye bye to the lady there haha.

And we went home, feeling tired, and yay the lights are back!

{Cheers, Pr.}

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