Apr 17, 2013

Lack of something deep inside

I knew what I was lack of all this while. Something that I wished to pursue, to bury deep within me. Confidence.

I'm inspire by a blogger. She herself is lack of confidence, she says. And she came up with Confidence Week. Everyday she encourages herself to step out of her comfort zone. Which to me, is somewhat very inspiring.

It's that hesitation that blinds my own confidence, hinder me from advancing to higher levels. Hopefully I could find it somehow. Tomorrow is all about being spontaneous. Ironically, I'm not afraid, maybe.


{Trying, Pr.}

1 comment:

  1. Learning and practice gives confidence
    Yes, step out of our comfort zone
    If a lot of people do that
    We would make a world of a difference
    The spirit of the world would have shone


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