Apr 12, 2013

I am Apple

Hello everyone. My name is Apple. I think some of you may know me, (woah i'm famous). This is not the current me. I'm currently almost three years old and this photo above is taken by my sister when I was approximately 4-5 months old. I was a lot chubbier then.

My two sisters caught me hand in hand to tie my hair! I hate people touching my hair! Not only that, after that they even take a photo of me!

I have been losing a lot of weight but it seems to me my family don't favor that. They kept urging me to eat more til I'm all fat and chubby -_- I'm just completely puzzled. I want to be all fit and healthy and all of them continuously told me, "Eat more!". And because of that, I've gained weight!!! I've got a tummy size of a 2 month old baby wtf.

Anyhow, today I'm secretly using my sister's blog *evil laugh* to show you guys what great deed I did today! ^o^  

Tada! I arranged my soft toys so neatly. Everyone praised me. I love doing these things, it's kinda of my forte.

PS: You might wonder how I could know so many words eventhough I haven't talk much yet. The truth is, I already know how to talk just that I'm keeping a secret from them. Shh..

Man...my sisters are bugging me so much. Everyday kacau me and ask me to hi5 her. Maybe coz she knows tepuk tangan sebelah tidak akan berbunyi.

{Secretly, Apple} 

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  1. Lo and behold
    A photo of Apple
    At 4-5 months old
    She looks so adorable
    All the best, Priskyblue
    May your sweet dreams come true


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