Apr 25, 2013


        First and foremost, congratulations to our school's drama team. You guys know you all put out great efforts throughout the week, by sacrificing your time by practicing. Believe me, it's hard work. I could feel the exhaustion albeit I'm not the one staying back for practice. Kudos to them!

And today, they're competing against 15 other schools. At first I thought we don't stand a chance of winning. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Great job. I was touched by the scene where Oscar knelt down and declare his love towards Glinda. I felt that romantic feeling inside, as though Haris and Faz were really in love with one another hahaha :)

I was lucky to be a part of the drama team even though not in paper, I was able to be a make up artist for a day! How nice ^o^ Alongside with my girls. We help to paint their faces! It was really cool indeed. Nadhira did a terrific job on the cat face on Meor. For the first time, I painted a baboon face and a little lion. Vw and Ern did a great job on Linghes's cat lion face. And Athirah and Harish went red and black as a villain couple lol. And there was greenie too.

PS: Meor was very immersed into his character as the cat! "I'm gonna killll youuuu...." lol. In fact everyone was plunged into their characters so well!  And I can't help to bury a laughter to see the China Doll and cat together, it's like overload cuteness wtf.

I guess everyone felt that adrenaline rush today. I just love that atmosphere, the hectic-ness and that together-ness. Helping everyone out. Bagai aur dengan tebing. Farwi look was sheer evil and callous. And Faz couldn't look more angelic and innocent. I gotta point out that Lyn was looking very elegant as well, with that smashing red hat. Big round of applause for the teachers who did their make up.

And how could we forget Aidy's outstanding character immersed into a baboon? And Lcd's big transformation into a quite-good-looking-guy lol, bet he is on cloud nine. The team's General and Colonel, Jason and Alif, looking smart and tall. Still can't believe Jason's mom sew that general cap! (Y) Nadhira's great timing for the sound effects and music. Last but not least, that undeniably cute China doll character by Yee. I don't know how many praises has she received today.

Just by looking at them perform on stage, we felt nervous as well. It was nerve wrecking okay! Even though you guys didn't won the top three, I bet the whole KD 10 already think you are all winners.

Great job, KD10.

{Sincerely, Pr.}

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