Apr 28, 2013


Good morning sunshine!

        Nothing beats a nice whole-heartedly breakfast in a Sunday morning. The littlest one accompanied me to dry the clothes today and helped keep the laundry yesterday. It's little things like this that could brighten up my day. After counting, turns out there's only 10 days left til my mid year examination, today seems like a good day to study.

But before that, better take a shower :P Tata, have a great day :)

{Cheers, Pr.}

Apr 26, 2013


        Been surprisingly active at doing different hair styles recently. Now I could easily tie a braid at the back of my head. Just last Thursday, I tied my braid so hurriedly in the car on the way to school. Even I was shock by my own self lol. This bun was tied by my sister, and this is not any ordinary bun, again.

Erm, it sort of have this spiral shape on it. I don't know how she did it, she put lots of bobby pins on it. My sister is great at hair dos. Before this I often beg ask her to tie a braid for me to school, because it would take a long time for me to do a braid and thus, causing me late for school.

But not anymore, teehee.

PS: Who's going to school tomorrow? Surprise surprise, I'm going. Can't believe I'm this diligent. I'm just afraid no one goes tomorrow -_-

{Cheers, Pr.}

Apr 25, 2013


        First and foremost, congratulations to our school's drama team. You guys know you all put out great efforts throughout the week, by sacrificing your time by practicing. Believe me, it's hard work. I could feel the exhaustion albeit I'm not the one staying back for practice. Kudos to them!

And today, they're competing against 15 other schools. At first I thought we don't stand a chance of winning. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Great job. I was touched by the scene where Oscar knelt down and declare his love towards Glinda. I felt that romantic feeling inside, as though Haris and Faz were really in love with one another hahaha :)

I was lucky to be a part of the drama team even though not in paper, I was able to be a make up artist for a day! How nice ^o^ Alongside with my girls. We help to paint their faces! It was really cool indeed. Nadhira did a terrific job on the cat face on Meor. For the first time, I painted a baboon face and a little lion. Vw and Ern did a great job on Linghes's cat lion face. And Athirah and Harish went red and black as a villain couple lol. And there was greenie too.

PS: Meor was very immersed into his character as the cat! "I'm gonna killll youuuu...." lol. In fact everyone was plunged into their characters so well!  And I can't help to bury a laughter to see the China Doll and cat together, it's like overload cuteness wtf.

I guess everyone felt that adrenaline rush today. I just love that atmosphere, the hectic-ness and that together-ness. Helping everyone out. Bagai aur dengan tebing. Farwi look was sheer evil and callous. And Faz couldn't look more angelic and innocent. I gotta point out that Lyn was looking very elegant as well, with that smashing red hat. Big round of applause for the teachers who did their make up.

And how could we forget Aidy's outstanding character immersed into a baboon? And Lcd's big transformation into a quite-good-looking-guy lol, bet he is on cloud nine. The team's General and Colonel, Jason and Alif, looking smart and tall. Still can't believe Jason's mom sew that general cap! (Y) Nadhira's great timing for the sound effects and music. Last but not least, that undeniably cute China doll character by Yee. I don't know how many praises has she received today.

Just by looking at them perform on stage, we felt nervous as well. It was nerve wrecking okay! Even though you guys didn't won the top three, I bet the whole KD 10 already think you are all winners.

Great job, KD10.

{Sincerely, Pr.}

Apr 24, 2013


        Monday: Tea time with mom. It was raining cats and dogs and mom baked this banana cake.  The banana fragrance from the cake spread across the whole living room. Mmm..good. I got all excited when I took it out from the oven. After letting it chill for awhile, it's finally time to eat! That first bite was...DAMN GOOD. Upper layer of the cake was crunchy, just the way I like it. Man...I'm already missing it to bits.

One thing about baking, dad don't really fancy us baking because cakes and cookies are high in butter and sugar. Which means, high glucose level or cholesterol level. But to our surprise, dad urge mom to bake this time and even ate a couple of slices!

Once awhile don't hurt one lah! *licks*

{Loving, Pr.}

Apr 22, 2013


I'm a sucker for banana cakes. I could gobble up the whole log in a day or maybe minutes wtf.
Just gotta love love love banana cakes! It has that wonderful banan scent and the texture so soft and fluffy, it melts in your mouth. Especially the smell of it, damn good wei!


Yeap, I will be like this cat over here.

And why I'm ranting over banana cakes?
Coz we're about to make it now! ^o^

{So-happy-about-banana-cakes, Pr.}

Apr 20, 2013

Lights out!

For the past two days, there has been some power down. On Monday, the resident area didn't have an electric supply. It was so dark then. I remember mom and dad saying there was once a day where the whole Malaysia went out of electricity. Everyone was in complete darkness.
Thank god it only happen for a few hours. It started around 6pm, I was lying on the sofa and *poof*, the fan went dead. You know how are the weather these days..

So we lit up some candles and lanterns! Reminds me of Mooncake Festival :) Luckily, mom cooked dinner early that day, before the electric supply went down. So we all had a candle light dinner *-* I remember dad requesting for more candles at the dinner table outside so that he could pick the chunks of fish in the curry. Lolol.

And for the first time, I brought a candle into the bathroom and do my business. It gave a sort of retro feel wtf.

Since we figure out it was going to take a long time for TNB to fix the main electric supply, dad decide to bring us berjoli-joli. Berjoli-joli was to be meant by having fun or something like that lah. I thought we'd go to Giza but dad is so unpredictable. We went to IKEA.

Hahaha, we were able to bring Apple into Smalland. It's here second time here. She gets hyperactive whenever she recognize this place. She never bother looking back when she enters. So bad -_- It's nice to see her interacting with other children of her age because she face two teenagers and two adults and a cat everyday.

Oh, and we had to stick the sticker on her back lolol! Because she would get curious and tear it off, and if she tear it off they won't know which box number that have her belongings.

Est and I both used to go there whenever we're in IKEA. It was great childhood memories.

We had supper. Such guilty pleasure... I miss IKEA food so much. Managed to catch up on some good quality family time.

Around 9.30pm we went to pick little Apple. Turns out she was the only one left in there! Haiyoh...mei mei ^-^ So cute to see her there. Luckily we went earlier a bit. She even said Bye bye to the lady there haha.

And we went home, feeling tired, and yay the lights are back!

{Cheers, Pr.}


Just came home from working out. Man it feels good! Being able to sweat like mad and knowing that your calories are definitely reducing by each drop of sweat. It was GREAT!

I'm very proud to say, I survived RPM today :D RPM stands for revolutions per minute, I just knew that just now too lol, god bless Google. So it's actually about cycling.

What to expect from this class? Sick, ear deafening music tracks and non-stop leg movement and heavy deep heart pumping, you won't be able to catch your breathe. Today's instructor was very attractive! Sorry, you can't miss out someone looking so attractive and yet so healthy and positive-minded.  First time in his class.

I always was terrified to join RPM. I always went out of breathe. My stamina sucks. It's such a shame to say that my mom and dad's stamina is even better than me, and they are like...what, forty plus already?! And I'm only seventeen. Man...gonna give them kudos for that! ^o^

Time by time, I feel like giving up or playing it easy, not following exactly the level of difficulty but something kept me going. THOSE SEXY LEGS. I WANT THESE...


Very very motivated to get these sexy legs... And immediately, the thought of giving up vanished. Wow, awesome right. Haha. And the thought of wanting to be healthy, to live a healthier life, to wear those pair of skinny jeans, to get down to a size that could wear the latest fashion trends... 

the ability to flaunt what you have worked hard for...



I'm so fired up now. I felt my thighs 1 cm smaller lol. 

Oh, and today I was so glad that I could stay for 9pm's MTV Jam. Dancing! YES YES YES, I was extremely eager to join dancing again. EXO's History.

Not similar, if I dance this, call me pro. The instructor did his own choreo. Which is very nice as well, simpler than this but yet very stylish too. Hope I could remember the steps!

Wonder if he would teach Gentleman. coz last time long ago, I saw someone teach Oppa Gangnam Style. Gentleman's beat is so catchy!

{Fresh, Pr.}

Apr 17, 2013

Lack of something deep inside

I knew what I was lack of all this while. Something that I wished to pursue, to bury deep within me. Confidence.

I'm inspire by a blogger. She herself is lack of confidence, she says. And she came up with Confidence Week. Everyday she encourages herself to step out of her comfort zone. Which to me, is somewhat very inspiring.

It's that hesitation that blinds my own confidence, hinder me from advancing to higher levels. Hopefully I could find it somehow. Tomorrow is all about being spontaneous. Ironically, I'm not afraid, maybe.


{Trying, Pr.}

Apr 12, 2013

I am Apple

Hello everyone. My name is Apple. I think some of you may know me, (woah i'm famous). This is not the current me. I'm currently almost three years old and this photo above is taken by my sister when I was approximately 4-5 months old. I was a lot chubbier then.

My two sisters caught me hand in hand to tie my hair! I hate people touching my hair! Not only that, after that they even take a photo of me!

I have been losing a lot of weight but it seems to me my family don't favor that. They kept urging me to eat more til I'm all fat and chubby -_- I'm just completely puzzled. I want to be all fit and healthy and all of them continuously told me, "Eat more!". And because of that, I've gained weight!!! I've got a tummy size of a 2 month old baby wtf.

Anyhow, today I'm secretly using my sister's blog *evil laugh* to show you guys what great deed I did today! ^o^  

Tada! I arranged my soft toys so neatly. Everyone praised me. I love doing these things, it's kinda of my forte.

PS: You might wonder how I could know so many words eventhough I haven't talk much yet. The truth is, I already know how to talk just that I'm keeping a secret from them. Shh..

Man...my sisters are bugging me so much. Everyday kacau me and ask me to hi5 her. Maybe coz she knows tepuk tangan sebelah tidak akan berbunyi.

{Secretly, Apple} 

Apr 11, 2013


This ain't any ordinary pony tail. It seems like one but it's not. This pony tail
was tied by my mom.

After a refreshing wash, initially I'll get dress and later on tie my hair. I braided my hair today but it was so loose that it scattered. To my surprise mom helped me to braid but then complains my hair was too thick and so
she summed up into a pony tail without using a comb.

Throughout the whole day I don't even wanted to lay a hand on my hair although it was slightly messy at the back. It was tied by my mom. The last time my mom tied my hair would be in kindergarden. My hair was about my current length now and mom would tie different hairstyles everyday.

I would sit at the edge of the corner of the bed and she would tie my hair. And I'll head downstairs into uncle's van and be off to
school. And she'll go resume sleeping after that...wtf.

{Blessed, Pr.}

Apr 6, 2013

Some good feeling...

Good Morning Chemistry!

   Our school are having extra classes for both PMR and SPM candidates. Today was Chemistry and Biology. Wore a 3 quarter pants because all my long pj pants went into the washing machine already! I also put on a pair of slippers. Felt so casual. It feels goood :)

Other people too, wore home clothes. I wore my school's t-shirt lah. Some more can bring phone to school. A small exposure to college life? wtf. No lah. Just that, in a sense that we can bring phone to school and wear slippers...then it somehow felt that way lol.

So this reminded me of what my friend said earlier, other school can bring hand phones to school and also very home clothes on specific days where as my school,...we don't have any of that.

To my surprise, today's attendance was over-whelming. So many people came until there weren't enough seats for all and some had to seat outside wtf. 

My kawan, Yan Yan overslept and prank me today. She say she wouldn't be coming this morning but then she came. She was standing behind me and sms-ed me to turn around, lol I don't get what she sms that time, I thought she too blur until she sms also weird weird.

When it was the next period, we have some time to rest. Checked my phone and saw mom's text. Supposedly after Chemi class, I'll attend yoga class with mom but mom asked me to stay for another extra class. Then mom say later I come home got breakfast to eat! Sweetest text ever.

"After class you walk back with your friends, I will cook breakfast, we eat together k.."

and guess what she cook;
It's a potato dish ;)