Mar 26, 2013

wtf I'm aiming on the big league

Okay this may seem impossible for me but...

I'm aiming a 9A+ for SPM.

Now I make myself look dumb wtf. My academic level is not even up to a level that I'm even certify to say that I want 9A+. Seriously wtf.

Okay probably not 9A+ but I would want my electives to have an A+ or an A at least. I've been lecture and given advice from my cousins and aunts and uncles and yeah...I'm trying to work on it. Now I'm aiming my senior's result, Su Lyn who got A+ for Physics, Biology, Addition Mathematics and Chemistry. I wish it was that easy. She is one of the top scorer in my school and she studies really hard, I'm can't even compare myself to her. No no no, I can't do this...

{Mindf*cked, Pr.}


  1. Pris can you add me as friend.I want to share experience with you.I don't mean to disturb you.At your facebook I cannot send the message to you.Thats why I write at here.This year I am 17 years old taking SPM this year.I have add you as friend.My facebook name is Wilson Ooi.Beside that I didn't have hotmail and i only have gmail.

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  3. Where there's a will, there's a way
    You must try your very best
    Who knows, at the end of the day
    You will succeed in the test


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