Mar 21, 2013

SPM Results...

It's inevitable to mention about today's SPM results. As a busy-body that I've grown up to knew, I skipped class to peep my seniors results. *clears throat* Teacher wasn't in class so we went out lorh!

My seniors were nervous. Who doesn't? It's nerve wrecking really. This year results was great. Though lesser straight A's scorers, our school earned a straight A+ scorer this year. Congratulations! There were definitely more A's this year which is great news :D Maybe our school are stepping up our game. Hehe, maybe.

Seriously, my seniors made scoring an A looks effortless. Can't imagine how they work through it, they just...well...did it. If I got their results, I don't mind. It pleases me already! Man... *applause*

Despite all the good results...our school is bound to ask the next batch, the 1996's, to double the efforts or at least try to be consistent. Can't help to feel pressurized. And why is that? Maybe because my results are so-so and the fact that I'm a slower learner. And teacher said, sometimes in SPM it depends on luck. The examiner that you'll get. And I... am not so good in this luck thingy.

Hence, I shall try my very berry cherry curry best to make some efforts to make a change to my results. I'm a slacker. I need something to get me motivated and pumped up. Just today I was chatting with my friend about this and he says, for slackers like us we need a certain something or someone to motivate us to study. Hopefully I'll be able to find something to motivate me to start studying.

So 1996's, ready to make history? Hahahahhaha.

Next year, this day. We're getting some s*it results in school.

Hey but at the end of the day, straight A's doesn't matters. If you're satisfy with your own results, it's more than enough already. Stop comparing. Everyone have their own expectations.

"15,793 got straight A's but most of them will not be future leaders and bosses. Life is not about straight A's"

wtf I agree with this guy who tweeted this.

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