Mar 9, 2013

My Final Merentas Desa

Hello, apa khabar semua? I've been better.

It's 5.49am in the morning and I'm awake by my cough and thoughts. I ought to think a lot when I can't sleep. So what have I been thinking? My last merentas desa.

Turns out, I went to yesterday's Merentas Desa. My final merentas desa. Today is Saturday, yesterday was Friday. Yeah, yesterday's was my final merentas desa. I woke up around 4am yesterday and find myself in my owl mode, unable to go back to sleep. And when I can't sleep, thoughts plunged into my mind, "Hey, I should go to school for merentas desa. It's my final year. After all, I'm getting better". And merentas desa I shall.

I did went to school. But I didn't ran. I'm not allowed to run because I'm not fully recover from my ill yet. Still slightly wobbly, my whole body. (Lol it rhymes). It was great stepping on school ground again after lying in bed for two days. At first mom didn't even wanted me to go because she hesitate if my body got the enough of rest that I need. Gladly, she allowed me although still worry about me. I appreciate all the care and the help and support I get from mom and dad when I'm sick. They were worry if I couldn't be well on time for my upcoming exam and also the catching up I have to do on my studies for being absent.

Instead of running, I helped out SPBT. They needed help, so why not? I did caught a glimpse of the whole atmosphere. You could see how enthusiastic everyone was, supporting their own sport team. This is the time of the year when everyone comes together as one, which I always like. Team booing another team. Teams cheering so loudly. It's something you must experience during high school. It's fun really. The competitiveness is what makes it more fun. You could see the teachers getting excited as well.

I'm giving four thumbs up (if I could), to Xin Ruu. She's LCD's sister. I admire her perseverance. She insist in running as well despite having fever. And I was told by my sister that she got number 6! Applause please! Having fever also can get number 6. I don't have fever also can't get number 6 = = She definitely have that athletic spirit. Never mind, you still have two more years to go! ;) All the best.

Oh and my sister! Last year she got around 50th place but this year she got 30th! Wei not bad leh! So happy for her. Improved so much. Too bad this year I couldn't see her cross the finish line.

When I went to school many asked if I'm running. One of them was Joel.

"Pris are you running?"

"No lah"


"I just recover from sick leh"

"Sick also must run"


HAHAHA. As much as I loved to run and participate, I know I couldn't. Not strong enough. And so if there is something to get mad about, it would be me being sick at the wrong time. Wished I had run on my final year T.T

Anyhow.....Hey! WAJA won!!!!

I heard that WAJA are the big winners this time. We won almost in every category. WAJA is the red team. My team lah! ^^v

Drum rolls please..!

1st; WAJA (RED)

Haha, I don't know 2nd and 3rd place lah. No one told me and my sister couldn't remember.

There, my last merentas desa.

A small round up for my high school merentas desa,
Form 1 and Form 2, I ran.

Form 3, under scouts, helped out to jaga the runners.

Form 4, under scouts as well, jaga kebersihan and sneakily ran half-way through the course but still couldn't get first lol.

Form 5, sicked, went home around 9am, didn't run, didn't jaga, went home eat nice breakfast.


2011's (FORM 3) Merentas Desa - HERE. I just viewed it just now and I found I ridiculously childish face of mine inside wtf.

2012's (FORM 4) Merentas Desa - HERE. One of my top blog post hehe. SO view it lah!

2013's (FORM 5) - HERE. Sick :(

If you clicked FORM 5's, HAHAHAH stupid :P

All my merentas desa post very well blogged one leh, I view back also think "Hmm...not bad wad..". In terms of photos and quite ok lah #thickface. But please, not my face. My hair changes from year to year and so.... #palms face.


  1. Glad you are getting better
    Wish you speedy complete recovery
    Next will come exam 'fever'
    Wish you do well in your study
    Have a nice and joyful weekend
    All the best from a friend

    1. Thank you. From the way you comment on my blog post, I have a sense that I know you. I sincerely thank you, Anonymous.


    2. Thank you. From the way you comment on my blog post, I have a sense that I know you. I sincerely thank you, Anonymous.



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