Mar 16, 2013

Loly Outing ♥

A treat after an exhausting exam with my girls. A Loly outing ♥ I forget when was was the last time the four of us went out. I think the last time we went out was on the last day of pmr. Yee and I purposely went to school to pick Voon Wei and Ern up after their Chinese paper then we head out for lunch at Coffee Chemistry :)

2 YEARS AGO! How have we changed? Hahaha. Voon Wei gotten prettier. My hair longer. Yee thinner. Ern fairer. Lol we made jokes about Ern being so dark when we took this photo at Coffee Chemistry. When we snap Voon Wei, bright. When we snap me, bright. When we snap Yee, bright. When we snap Ern, dark. lol.

Had Sushi Zanmai with the girls. YUM! And today I chicken out to the max. We took a taxi home. I never take a taxi. And recently the new about the taxi driver who rapped an ang moh made me even chicken wtf. But luckily LLY all so brave so I try to be not so chicken.

I don't know when but I've been the most quiet one in LOLY. I think I said this before. All of them are talkative and funny and very extrovert. Sometimes I wish I could be more talkative too. SO I always randomly try to create a topic or make lame jokes but always get no response one T.T I wonder one day would it just be LLY. Without the O. They can easily dump me because I can be ignored easily. Unlike Voon Wei, she is a crazy one. Loly ain't complete with this crazy da jie. Unlike Ern, her expression is priceless and moreover she is Yanyan's babeh. Including Yanyan, da jie must hit her head almost everyday and need her to accompany her ride bus haha. Me leh? Aww kawanku..... I so diam and not funny.
Actually I got one thing lah haha. Whenever I eat I get all of their attention that's why I very happy ^^v wtf. They claimed I have a very weird way of chewing my food. Very not lady-like. That's my only moment hahah.

You know we may not have much this much time spent together in high school anymore. So fast seniors liao. Feel so old yet so young. Okay I'm gonna say something stupid now. Don't leave me LLY. LLY not nice to hear hor. Somemore what is LLY. Must have an O. Loly. Although I not funny nor interesting or maybe annoying or maybe kiamsiap, please bear with the least powerful one. (Lol apparently according to the power we possess, I'm rank number 4). I just feel very happy to have them in my life. Life's more funnier, crazy, and joyful with you girls.

Sincerely, {Pr.}


  1. As you said , LOLY Complete each other .. WE WILL NOT DAMP ANYONE ! LOLY IS JUST LOLY <3 LOLOLO .. chicken piggy .. haha

  2. As you said ,each of us complete LOLY ... we will not DAMP any ! LOLY WILL BE LOLY <3 ... dont worry ......................chicken piggy !

    1. Lol just now I think I too chicken Liao. Thus, a new species is formed;chicken piggy wtf

  3. Nice food, mouth-watering
    After exams girls' outing
    A natural thing to do
    All the best to all of you


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