Mar 2, 2013

It's a normal Saturday

Whaddup yo? 

She played dress up today. It seems to be ages since I went shopping. I didn't know   babies stuff can be as much as a girl's. In terms of accessories, tops, hats, shorts, dress and so on.....

It's like a mini version of an adult. It have the latest trends too...

I'm so back forward...

Had lunch. Bumped into Sem. TWICE. lol. I just had to put it in capital coz he didn't even saw me. Not bad, not bad. I don't know why. I wanna say this, I miss IKEA Food T.T

Too bad the double fish and chips offer already ended. Sigh. RM9.90 for double fish and chips. Some more the chips is so thick.

Exam is in 7 days. Haven't study. Haven't touch anything related to academics except for pen and pencils and maybe a scissors? Is it even academics related. Doom. I can't find the mood to study. I bet my classmates study already = =

Tomorrow going to chill at the couz's house. Want to go for a swim. I miss swimming.

And just so today, something came in my mind..."I don't wish to work". Wtf. I'm getting lazy. Need to get back in track soon, if not...

and I think I'm getting sentimental recently. Especially when I blog. Something is wrong.

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