Mar 15, 2013

In every exams...

*pops confetti* Hurray for the celebration after exam! Okay lah no celebration but yay exam ended once again :D I think my other favourite day in the year besides school holidays and birthdays would be THE LAST DAY OF EXAM.

Let me share something about exams.

In every exam, I study last minute. Never study ahead like one month ahead. And this exam it's probably the most stress-free. Exam started on Monday. I started studying on Saturday night. For me quite last minute liao leh.

In every exam, there's exam rush. This happens when we study last minute fml. Up til the very few last minutes before exam starts, we study like mad. For this exam, exam rush winner goes to Biology. The day before Bio paper I thought of Miss Ong and "Y U NO teach us Bio now?" #it'sasadstory

In every exam, we discuss answers after we finish the paper. This also another thing that we never missed out. The second the exam ended, *gets up from chair*, "Eh what you put for that question?".

In every exam, we scold bad words. Okay lah for some of us we scold bad words. When we know we answer a question wrongly, s***! or f***! Sometimes even careless mistake make us scold ourselves. And for this exam, Voon Wei did haha. But she scolded in Chinese.

And after that, we predict our marks that we might get. We count which questions we might get wrong and *clicks calculator*, "Yer...I sure get very low one".

When one said, "Yer...I sure get very low", we will counter attack back by saying, "Diam 7. You won't one lah! Later you get higher than me".

PS: Diam 7 is chinese bad words. something like shuddup.

In more important exams, we will countdown our exam days. Maybe posting it in twitter or facebook. That's what I mostly see lah. "Two more papers to go!", "Yay three down, 4 more to go". Stuff like that.

On last day of exams, we celebrate. Not really celebrate haha. Just a plain, "Yay exam finish liao!". Haha and maybe play police & killer or jing gu bang like I did with my friends today.

PS: I'm not so blurrish anymore hahahha. Because usually I react too slow to hit their hands during jing gu bang but today I hit a lot times! So happy lol.

I don't know if you guys do this things too but it happens in my class. So yeah quite funny leh, these things seems to be inevitable.

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