Mar 28, 2013

Happy being productive :)

Last Monday and Saturday must be my most productive day throughout seventeen years of living. Hahaha I just gotta make it sound so extreme :P

I went to snap my passport photos. My last passport photo shot was when I'm 6 years old! I dumbly ask the lady who shot me if I was allowed to smile for the passport photo because my current IC looks horrible. Really horrible...

When I was waiting for my passport photos to be process, a camera caught my eye.
Nikon Coolpix S01

Look how tiny it is!!! Approximately three macaroons tall! One word: ADORABLE. It's so handy. It's designed for people who love to capture great shots but at the same time doesn't want the camera to be so bulky. This is awesome!

I even get to use a typewriter! An electronic one. Everyone in the office was very friendly :) Anyone here loves typewriters as much as I do?

Grandpa was so thoughtful, he waited for me at the office to go out for lunch together. He kept telling the other workers, "等下我要带我的孙出去吃饭" because they kept asking my grandpa to go out for lunch. The Chinese words translates: I want to bring my grand daughter out for lunch later.

After lunch, went home for a while and get my stuff ready. And later, went out once again. Here I gotta thanks mom and dad for fetching me to and fro in town. Thank you T.T I went for a medical check-up. It was a very senior doctor. I get to chat with him and I got lots of motivational talk which I appreciate very much.

Then later on, I manage to go for a appointment. A facial appointment! ^o^ OMG my first time. My face is in bad shape so I was in need for a face wash. Got plenty of blackheads on my nose -.- That lady was so friendly. She gave me an impression of meeting a old friend.

The whole facial process was great! Very relaxing except the part she starts to pinch your pimples. Didn't know it was that pain T.T So what people says is true, you got to sacrifice for beauty. Can't believe my sister go through that twice. But the after results was satisfying :)

No edit kay! Original photo. I got a tone brighter! *jumps up and down*

Had tea time after finish our facial. Then head home and started packing my bag. Had a scrumptious dinner. Waved goodbye to my aunt again :( and here I am, back at kl again.

I hate goodbyes, ugh.

So there goes my most productive day ever.

{Cheers, Pr.}

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  1. Such a cute blog, & that camera is adorable haha! It's so tiny!!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella ♔
    Blog: Pretty Odd ♡


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