Mar 29, 2013

Abnormal Apple?

I haven't been actively updating my Instagram and Twitter. And the reason behind this is because I don't have a phone, a smartphone. Twitter is wayyy better with phone. And Instagram, well, you couldn't upload a photo through computer so yeah...that's why I'm constantly updating my blog.

Despite all that, I find myself more productive than usual. I have more time to do other things like reading a book, cleaning up my room or spending time with my lil sister. She has yet to talk! She is 3 years old now but she can't speak sentences. Instead, she could sing!

And I mean real singing. Ignore those mispronounce words, she could sing Taylor Swift's songs and One Direction's songs, and even this song wtf...

I don't know what I'm gonna do with her. Can't speak, but can sing. Aren't babies supposed to talk before singing? My sister is a dancer too. She dance Oppa Gangnam Style. Haha I heard a lot of kids nowadays dances Oppa Gangnam Style which is soooooo cute!

I practice dancing at home and sometimes she dances with me. Now she know few of the steps.

is my sister going to be the next Albert Einstein wtf? Because Albert Einstein started talking when he was 4.

The babies around her age already started talking. Well she only knows, "Papa", "Mama", "Da jie", "Er Jie", "Hello", "Bye bye"...

{Worried, Pr.}

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