Mar 29, 2013

Abnormal Apple?

I haven't been actively updating my Instagram and Twitter. And the reason behind this is because I don't have a phone, a smartphone. Twitter is wayyy better with phone. And Instagram, well, you couldn't upload a photo through computer so yeah...that's why I'm constantly updating my blog.

Despite all that, I find myself more productive than usual. I have more time to do other things like reading a book, cleaning up my room or spending time with my lil sister. She has yet to talk! She is 3 years old now but she can't speak sentences. Instead, she could sing!

And I mean real singing. Ignore those mispronounce words, she could sing Taylor Swift's songs and One Direction's songs, and even this song wtf...

I don't know what I'm gonna do with her. Can't speak, but can sing. Aren't babies supposed to talk before singing? My sister is a dancer too. She dance Oppa Gangnam Style. Haha I heard a lot of kids nowadays dances Oppa Gangnam Style which is soooooo cute!

I practice dancing at home and sometimes she dances with me. Now she know few of the steps.

is my sister going to be the next Albert Einstein wtf? Because Albert Einstein started talking when he was 4.

The babies around her age already started talking. Well she only knows, "Papa", "Mama", "Da jie", "Er Jie", "Hello", "Bye bye"...

{Worried, Pr.}

Mar 28, 2013

Happy being productive :)

Last Monday and Saturday must be my most productive day throughout seventeen years of living. Hahaha I just gotta make it sound so extreme :P

I went to snap my passport photos. My last passport photo shot was when I'm 6 years old! I dumbly ask the lady who shot me if I was allowed to smile for the passport photo because my current IC looks horrible. Really horrible...

When I was waiting for my passport photos to be process, a camera caught my eye.
Nikon Coolpix S01

Look how tiny it is!!! Approximately three macaroons tall! One word: ADORABLE. It's so handy. It's designed for people who love to capture great shots but at the same time doesn't want the camera to be so bulky. This is awesome!

I even get to use a typewriter! An electronic one. Everyone in the office was very friendly :) Anyone here loves typewriters as much as I do?

Grandpa was so thoughtful, he waited for me at the office to go out for lunch together. He kept telling the other workers, "等下我要带我的孙出去吃饭" because they kept asking my grandpa to go out for lunch. The Chinese words translates: I want to bring my grand daughter out for lunch later.

After lunch, went home for a while and get my stuff ready. And later, went out once again. Here I gotta thanks mom and dad for fetching me to and fro in town. Thank you T.T I went for a medical check-up. It was a very senior doctor. I get to chat with him and I got lots of motivational talk which I appreciate very much.

Then later on, I manage to go for a appointment. A facial appointment! ^o^ OMG my first time. My face is in bad shape so I was in need for a face wash. Got plenty of blackheads on my nose -.- That lady was so friendly. She gave me an impression of meeting a old friend.

The whole facial process was great! Very relaxing except the part she starts to pinch your pimples. Didn't know it was that pain T.T So what people says is true, you got to sacrifice for beauty. Can't believe my sister go through that twice. But the after results was satisfying :)

No edit kay! Original photo. I got a tone brighter! *jumps up and down*

Had tea time after finish our facial. Then head home and started packing my bag. Had a scrumptious dinner. Waved goodbye to my aunt again :( and here I am, back at kl again.

I hate goodbyes, ugh.

So there goes my most productive day ever.

{Cheers, Pr.}

Mar 26, 2013

wtf I'm aiming on the big league

Okay this may seem impossible for me but...

I'm aiming a 9A+ for SPM.

Now I make myself look dumb wtf. My academic level is not even up to a level that I'm even certify to say that I want 9A+. Seriously wtf.

Okay probably not 9A+ but I would want my electives to have an A+ or an A at least. I've been lecture and given advice from my cousins and aunts and uncles and yeah...I'm trying to work on it. Now I'm aiming my senior's result, Su Lyn who got A+ for Physics, Biology, Addition Mathematics and Chemistry. I wish it was that easy. She is one of the top scorer in my school and she studies really hard, I'm can't even compare myself to her. No no no, I can't do this...

{Mindf*cked, Pr.}

Mar 24, 2013


Greetings from Pahang :) ! I'm back in my hometown. Reached home last night and accompanied grandpa for some supper. Grandpa ask me to stay here for till the holidays end. I can't. Sorry grandpa :(

Every time I come back home, I'll pay a visit to the local saloon here. So yeah...I cut my hair. someone cut my hair. I came to notice that I always say, "I cut my hair". I didn't cut my hair. Someone cut my hair. A barber cut my hair. Or when someone says, "Oh you cut your hair" or "Did you cut your hair?". We'll answer Yes, I cut my hair. But actually you didn't. Someone else cut your hair, a hairdresser.

I just find this somehow weird. That explains my title.

Chop off 2 inches. Shorter only, heh. And I felt like a weigh lift up of my shoulders.

I manage to catch a movie today as well. The Croods. Love the animations. Its like watching Life of Pi except its animated, not story line wise, just the visuals. The visuals were awesome! And you gotta love the story line. Just love love love this movie <3

{Cheers, Pr.}

Mar 22, 2013


Yay to the holidays! Can't help to be vain when it comes to holidays.

Some things in life are weird. You know it's the truth but you can't help to avoid it. How weird is that? I've come to notice some ugly truths in life. See if you can relate with me.

1. Not everyone likes you
No matter how well-mannered you are or how good you are, there is bound to be someone who dislikes you. Wow, the world is so cruel...

2. You can't please everyone
You can try to please one. But could you please 50 or a 100 people? People shouldn't live by pleasing people, making people to like you... (See no.1 again) It's their choice to like you or not, you just have to live your life and be positive.

3. There will always be criticism
Almost everything can be criticised. The easiest example; my blog. I mean you can criticised my English, my photos, the way I look at things... You see, there's alot to be criticised. People in the world just couldn't stop judging.

4. There's always backstabbers
We live in a world of kia si and kia su people. Sure got backstabbers lorh... People comparing here and there. Secrets blow up... and every other things. 

5. Nobody lives forever
This is a fact! Unless you are a vampire... Yeah you'll gonna live for thousand of years. But no, we are all humans and sooner or later we all are going to face death. So what can we do? Live life to the fullest. Don't live life fill with regrets. You want to do or say anything, do it now before you don't even have the chance of doing.

This is a few that I could list down. Time to go! Gotta let my little sister sleep. Pass her bedtime already! Happy holidays everyone :)

Do leave me any comments. Now my comment form very easy leh! Gimme positive ones lah *wink* #superthickface. Oh wait here's another one, people loves to hear good things instead of bad things about them. Truth wad.. Who likes to hear bad comments about them?!

Mar 21, 2013

SPM Results...

It's inevitable to mention about today's SPM results. As a busy-body that I've grown up to knew, I skipped class to peep my seniors results. *clears throat* Teacher wasn't in class so we went out lorh!

My seniors were nervous. Who doesn't? It's nerve wrecking really. This year results was great. Though lesser straight A's scorers, our school earned a straight A+ scorer this year. Congratulations! There were definitely more A's this year which is great news :D Maybe our school are stepping up our game. Hehe, maybe.

Seriously, my seniors made scoring an A looks effortless. Can't imagine how they work through it, they just...well...did it. If I got their results, I don't mind. It pleases me already! Man... *applause*

Despite all the good results...our school is bound to ask the next batch, the 1996's, to double the efforts or at least try to be consistent. Can't help to feel pressurized. And why is that? Maybe because my results are so-so and the fact that I'm a slower learner. And teacher said, sometimes in SPM it depends on luck. The examiner that you'll get. And I... am not so good in this luck thingy.

Hence, I shall try my very berry cherry curry best to make some efforts to make a change to my results. I'm a slacker. I need something to get me motivated and pumped up. Just today I was chatting with my friend about this and he says, for slackers like us we need a certain something or someone to motivate us to study. Hopefully I'll be able to find something to motivate me to start studying.

So 1996's, ready to make history? Hahahahhaha.

Next year, this day. We're getting some s*it results in school.

Hey but at the end of the day, straight A's doesn't matters. If you're satisfy with your own results, it's more than enough already. Stop comparing. Everyone have their own expectations.

"15,793 got straight A's but most of them will not be future leaders and bosses. Life is not about straight A's"

wtf I agree with this guy who tweeted this.

Mar 16, 2013

Loly Outing ♥

A treat after an exhausting exam with my girls. A Loly outing ♥ I forget when was was the last time the four of us went out. I think the last time we went out was on the last day of pmr. Yee and I purposely went to school to pick Voon Wei and Ern up after their Chinese paper then we head out for lunch at Coffee Chemistry :)

Mar 15, 2013

In every exams...

*pops confetti* Hurray for the celebration after exam! Okay lah no celebration but yay exam ended once again :D I think my other favourite day in the year besides school holidays and birthdays would be THE LAST DAY OF EXAM.

Let me share something about exams.

In every exam, I study last minute. Never study ahead like one month ahead. And this exam it's probably the most stress-free. Exam started on Monday. I started studying on Saturday night. For me quite last minute liao leh.

In every exam, there's exam rush. This happens when we study last minute fml. Up til the very few last minutes before exam starts, we study like mad. For this exam, exam rush winner goes to Biology. The day before Bio paper I thought of Miss Ong and "Y U NO teach us Bio now?" #it'sasadstory

In every exam, we discuss answers after we finish the paper. This also another thing that we never missed out. The second the exam ended, *gets up from chair*, "Eh what you put for that question?".

In every exam, we scold bad words. Okay lah for some of us we scold bad words. When we know we answer a question wrongly, s***! or f***! Sometimes even careless mistake make us scold ourselves. And for this exam, Voon Wei did haha. But she scolded in Chinese.

And after that, we predict our marks that we might get. We count which questions we might get wrong and *clicks calculator*, "Yer...I sure get very low one".

When one said, "Yer...I sure get very low", we will counter attack back by saying, "Diam 7. You won't one lah! Later you get higher than me".

PS: Diam 7 is chinese bad words. something like shuddup.

In more important exams, we will countdown our exam days. Maybe posting it in twitter or facebook. That's what I mostly see lah. "Two more papers to go!", "Yay three down, 4 more to go". Stuff like that.

On last day of exams, we celebrate. Not really celebrate haha. Just a plain, "Yay exam finish liao!". Haha and maybe play police & killer or jing gu bang like I did with my friends today.

PS: I'm not so blurrish anymore hahahha. Because usually I react too slow to hit their hands during jing gu bang but today I hit a lot times! So happy lol.

I don't know if you guys do this things too but it happens in my class. So yeah quite funny leh, these things seems to be inevitable.

Mar 9, 2013

My Final Merentas Desa

Hello, apa khabar semua? I've been better.

It's 5.49am in the morning and I'm awake by my cough and thoughts. I ought to think a lot when I can't sleep. So what have I been thinking? My last merentas desa.

Turns out, I went to yesterday's Merentas Desa. My final merentas desa. Today is Saturday, yesterday was Friday. Yeah, yesterday's was my final merentas desa. I woke up around 4am yesterday and find myself in my owl mode, unable to go back to sleep. And when I can't sleep, thoughts plunged into my mind, "Hey, I should go to school for merentas desa. It's my final year. After all, I'm getting better". And merentas desa I shall.

I did went to school. But I didn't ran. I'm not allowed to run because I'm not fully recover from my ill yet. Still slightly wobbly, my whole body. (Lol it rhymes). It was great stepping on school ground again after lying in bed for two days. At first mom didn't even wanted me to go because she hesitate if my body got the enough of rest that I need. Gladly, she allowed me although still worry about me. I appreciate all the care and the help and support I get from mom and dad when I'm sick. They were worry if I couldn't be well on time for my upcoming exam and also the catching up I have to do on my studies for being absent.

Instead of running, I helped out SPBT. They needed help, so why not? I did caught a glimpse of the whole atmosphere. You could see how enthusiastic everyone was, supporting their own sport team. This is the time of the year when everyone comes together as one, which I always like. Team booing another team. Teams cheering so loudly. It's something you must experience during high school. It's fun really. The competitiveness is what makes it more fun. You could see the teachers getting excited as well.

I'm giving four thumbs up (if I could), to Xin Ruu. She's LCD's sister. I admire her perseverance. She insist in running as well despite having fever. And I was told by my sister that she got number 6! Applause please! Having fever also can get number 6. I don't have fever also can't get number 6 = = She definitely have that athletic spirit. Never mind, you still have two more years to go! ;) All the best.

Oh and my sister! Last year she got around 50th place but this year she got 30th! Wei not bad leh! So happy for her. Improved so much. Too bad this year I couldn't see her cross the finish line.

When I went to school many asked if I'm running. One of them was Joel.

"Pris are you running?"

"No lah"


"I just recover from sick leh"

"Sick also must run"


HAHAHA. As much as I loved to run and participate, I know I couldn't. Not strong enough. And so if there is something to get mad about, it would be me being sick at the wrong time. Wished I had run on my final year T.T

Anyhow.....Hey! WAJA won!!!!

I heard that WAJA are the big winners this time. We won almost in every category. WAJA is the red team. My team lah! ^^v

Drum rolls please..!

1st; WAJA (RED)

Haha, I don't know 2nd and 3rd place lah. No one told me and my sister couldn't remember.

There, my last merentas desa.

A small round up for my high school merentas desa,
Form 1 and Form 2, I ran.

Form 3, under scouts, helped out to jaga the runners.

Form 4, under scouts as well, jaga kebersihan and sneakily ran half-way through the course but still couldn't get first lol.

Form 5, sicked, went home around 9am, didn't run, didn't jaga, went home eat nice breakfast.


2011's (FORM 3) Merentas Desa - HERE. I just viewed it just now and I found I ridiculously childish face of mine inside wtf.

2012's (FORM 4) Merentas Desa - HERE. One of my top blog post hehe. SO view it lah!

2013's (FORM 5) - HERE. Sick :(

If you clicked FORM 5's, HAHAHAH stupid :P

All my merentas desa post very well blogged one leh, I view back also think "Hmm...not bad wad..". In terms of photos and quite ok lah #thickface. But please, not my face. My hair changes from year to year and so.... #palms face.

Mar 7, 2013

Erythrocytes, I need you.

Have been absent for two days now. Having severe fever. Sometimes I feel hot, sometimes cold. I hate fever. I feel weaken. Exam is next week and idk if I even have the strength to revise. Screw it. Tomorrow is my final merentas desa and I don't think I'll be able to attend. This sucks.

Mar 2, 2013

It's a normal Saturday

Whaddup yo? 

She played dress up today. It seems to be ages since I went shopping. I didn't know   babies stuff can be as much as a girl's. In terms of accessories, tops, hats, shorts, dress and so on.....

It's like a mini version of an adult. It have the latest trends too...

I'm so back forward...

Had lunch. Bumped into Sem. TWICE. lol. I just had to put it in capital coz he didn't even saw me. Not bad, not bad. I don't know why. I wanna say this, I miss IKEA Food T.T

Too bad the double fish and chips offer already ended. Sigh. RM9.90 for double fish and chips. Some more the chips is so thick.

Exam is in 7 days. Haven't study. Haven't touch anything related to academics except for pen and pencils and maybe a scissors? Is it even academics related. Doom. I can't find the mood to study. I bet my classmates study already = =

Tomorrow going to chill at the couz's house. Want to go for a swim. I miss swimming.

And just so today, something came in my mind..."I don't wish to work". Wtf. I'm getting lazy. Need to get back in track soon, if not...

and I think I'm getting sentimental recently. Especially when I blog. Something is wrong.