Feb 2, 2013

Total Movie Premiere Screening: Once Upon A Time皇宫灿烂

Few days ago, dad got some premiere movie screening for the movie, Once Upon A Time皇宫灿烂. I thought it was something like the one went to Nuffnang Movie Premiere but turns out it wasn't. Dad asked me to bring the camera along when the cast come. I didn't think I would see any artist whatsoever but...

The whole cast came to greet us wtf. And what makes it awesome was, Total provided us with food! We were also given coupons to redeem popcorns and drinks. I felt so awesome lol. So this is the premiere of the premiere. Because it was a Malaysian movie as well I presume. If it was an international movie, I don't think any actors/actresses would come lorh. Even the movie premiere in Malaysia is wayyyy later than the other countries.

If you was wondering what Total is, Total is actual an oil. Oil. Yes, oil. Turns out, Total was one of the sponsors, so as Hyundai. There was one part where the Hyundai car were filled with Total oil in the movie. HEH spoiler. The movie will be out on the 7th of February, midnight. Get your tickets!

The cast introduce themselves and gave us bits and pieces about the movie. Quite shock that they'll come and greet us. I have to give big thanks to my dad for getting the tickets! And my dad got the tickets because my dad works in this industry. Not bad lah the movie. For a Malaysian movie, I think it was great. We can relate. There was even Rosyam Nor in it. Support our Malaysian production lah ;)

Mom laughed so hard next to me throughout the whole movie =.= 

And it was the first time our whole family went for a movie together! Yay!

PS: The was this big group of friends in front of our row. All of them sat the whole row. I guess they were in their early twenties. One of the cast, a woman, when she pass by, the guys said Bye to her and then she said, "Oiyoh...nei hou leng zai ah".

Then two guys laughed then they say next year they want audition as myFm radio dj's then next year they'll appear in 2014's cny movie lol. It was a very big, happy, friendly bunch.

okay that was so random wtf.

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