Feb 15, 2013

The feeling after

It's sad. I'm feeling sad. I just came back to town, leaving my hometown. But this time the feeling deepens. I don't even feel like leaving. You should've see the tears shed when we left. It was sad to see everyone leaving after Chinese New Year. One by one, leaving hometown and back to their daily life. After I came back home, I felt a piece of me missing. As though that piece has been nailed long ago.

I felt empty. Empty because things are going back to square, no more late night talks with the relatives, playing lami all-day long, preparing food in the kitchen, washing dishes, Chinese New Year movies to laugh with together...

I want that.

I wished it lasted longer.

But it couldn't. If you're lonely, think again. If you're boring think again. I feel bad. I miss her. I miss grandpa. I miss my cousins. I miss the food. I miss the house. I miss ASTRO. I miss Dee Dee. I miss Chinese New Year with them.

Though it's not even Chap Goh Mei, when I leave my hometown, it feels like it. The feeling is mostly, partially gone. For this year.

Not even having the mood to read, watch tv or homeworks. And homeworks, please...I don't want to start to swear. Why am I having SPM this year again?

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