Feb 21, 2013

Little Moments Everyday

Self reminder: Scream "ICE CREAMMM" instead of "Boss" next time the ice-cream man pass by.

This afternoon and yesterday, I could hear the ice-cream song. The paddle pop one. Personally prefer Walls ice-cream than Nestle's. And I don't know why. There's no ice-cream guy with Baskin Robbin's and Haagen Daz circling the neighbourhood with his motorbike. But if there really is one, he'll be rob. Trust me.

Just today I arm wrestle my friends. The strongest right arm gotta be her. Her hand is like mighty iron. I can't even move a muscle. Yee can't even move a muscle too and yet she is already really strong leh! That small scrawny looking-like hand is more than what it seems. From the arm wrestling today, I notice how short my hand is. Like really short! Someone please tell me why is my hand also short? Haiyoh.

My friend also hit my sexy butt today and guess what she said, "Why your butt so low one?". Another friend replied, "Because she short than butt also shorter". wtf... And so I told mom about my day at school and I wondered was it the inheritance of gene made me have these short hands and the answer is...yes.

I put my hand on the table and compared with mom. Same height wtf...

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