Feb 25, 2013


Hello!!! Feeling slightly guilty to blog because I promise my sister to not go online. Yeah, I promised my sister and she's yelling me to get off the computer now. Who is the eldest sister now ha? -.- Anywaysss.....don't mind her haha.

Last Friday, we all went to Xin Yi's house to go bai nian! Yeah babeh. We had tonnes of fun and lots of laughter. Yee must the one who laughs the most. She gila one -.- Laugh non-stop. Whether she lose or win, she laughs wtf. I think she too hyper liao. But thanks to this cutie, I too, laugh like some crazy lady. THANK YOU LOL.

Partner of the day hahahaha.

Yeah Apple joined too haha. There was a total of 15 people. Too many for one round so later we split into two groups.

Then, when group 1 finished gambling. We played Mandora. Kept beating high scores but we know Huamin's score couldn't be beat. She have crazy scores. 900k wtf. But Yee is some crazy player too. She just play the game on that day and she already reach 50k.

Around 7pm, we all stopped and get ready to go for dinner. We didn't start taking pictures until that guy in the scout uniform started. He selca-ed == BOOM to the max. Then Yee joined.

Then I joined lol.

With Jason.

There's more photos. There's three photos which I ask Yee and Jason to pose but I didn't get the photo yet :/ I like that three photos haha too bad can't post it up here but I'll definitely save it in my pendrive once I get it.

In the end, I didn't manage to join them for dinner. Too bad. Arrived home around 8pm. Bathed. Slept. Exhausted... I had a great time spending Chinese New Year with you all and big thanks to Xin Yi's mom for being such a great sport ;) And of course for inviting us to come bai nian!

Let's have another round next year again!

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