Feb 26, 2013

Just Plain Happy

Always and forever planned to do something amazing. Something I never thought of doing. Something that makes me happy.

I've mention a gizillion times that I love dancing.
I want to perform on stage.
To see how chic I am on stage, dancing to the beat.

I couldn't.

Devastated really.

Despite that, I insist on trying any other things that I could do to make an amazing day out of it or maybe to other people's life.

How to make my day?

Treat me a meal. I'll be over the moon.

How to make one's day?

Calling an old friend of yours, maybe.
Write a letter, a poem to someone.
Singing a song to someone.
Play the piano or guitar to someone.

or just by saying

"Hey, I'm glad that you exist in my life"

Just cherish and do something amazing today before you feel regretful for not doing it in the future.

1 comment:

  1. A short poem for you
    May your dreams come true
    Peace be with you over there
    All the best and take care


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