Feb 28, 2013

Hello March. Bye February.

Sigh typical me. I said I won't say "Hey, bye February" or "Welcome March" but here I am, blogging and using it as a title even!

Anyways, hey last day of February. Time flies doesn't it? I think February passed by the fastest so far. With our Chinese New Year celebrations which speed up the entire process, hey here comes March again.

Temporary, life's been great. I'm enjoying every bit of bit. I don't know, today I feel very happy and self-accomplish. Maybe because I took part in our school Language Week and read one of the below novels, or maybe mom's cooking was too satisfying for me.

Which somehow brings me to my new year resolutions. Have I mention it before?

Anyways I'm retyping it again hehe.

#1 Reading at least 6 books this year
lol... Two are compulsory which is Konserto Terakhir and Step by Wicked Steps which are my form 5 novels. And I'm half way through One Day. Maybe I might even reach 10 books? Yay! I rarely read books one! Just recently! So this is a big accomplishment for me ;D

it never leaves the list. I don't think I might be able to do it. In fact I might do the opposite because I haven't been exercising and mom has been cooking too many yummy food almost every lunch and dinner. Guilty pleasure.....

#3 Straight A's in SPM?
Hhahaha this is something I would really want to achieve. Not confident, but try to :)

So far there's only 3 I could list.

And I gotta mention why life is great now. Ignore my last post about me stressing out because today I realize, I have a good life. Why didn't I think I'm having a great life before? #slapface

Life's great because I have this sister. In some ways she could be mature than me wtf. No fair. I should be more mature. And I think I'm the most comfortable at home especially with my sister. Her birthday is coming, still have no idea what to get her.

And here she is, with her cup of ice-cream that I treat her hahahaha. She very happy I belanja her ice-cream.

Life's great because I have these girls to be called as best friends :)
They are just these silly crazy bunch which you couldn't be bored at. Just today all of us were laughing so hard at some funny things. Can't believe we played saliva lol. Please don't think differently. Aiyah I don't want explain at here, we know then okay already lah hahaha and not to forget Abinesh, Lcd and Ling Ling who saw the incident as well.

We are just very crazy lah! Well, mainly the three of them hahaha because I just will be there seeing the three of them getting high and me laughing my cheeks out. Just today Yee and Vwei got so high and they start to kacau me and Ern who was doing something but I can't help overhear their high pitch laughter. I'm really fortunate to have them as my friends.

Oh and before I forgot, we made this deal between the four of us but Lcd wanted to join as well HAHAHAH. Something about the future and us buying gifts for each Loly after we earn money hahahhaha. I'm giving Yee 100 roasted chickens for her future wedding dinner LOL PLEASE.

And life's great because I have such a loving family. Mom who I thank restlessly for cooking delicious food every time. It's a sort of happiness when you can go home, knowing that there'll be food on the table. And dad for working hard to earn a living. And also little Apple who brings countless joy to our family :)

Life will be always great whenever potatoes will exist. And potatoes won't extinct. Thus, life's great for as long as it shall be! :)

Have a great day everyone!

{Cheers, Pr.}


  1. Hey sweety! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it a lot because I haven't really got followers from blogger ever since I started blogging during secondary school times. Right now I'm trying to take blogging more seriously and wish to know bloggers too! I've also replied your comment @ my blog. Do take a look alright? :3 And I've followed you on blogger and nuffnangX. ♥


    ♥ - onliestohm.blogspot.sg

  2. Hello March, goodbye February
    Yea, how time really flies
    Be good to friends and family
    May your resolutions materialize
    May you straight A's in SPM come true
    Try your very best girl, 'jiayou'


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