Feb 10, 2013

Happy Snake Year from me!

I noticed everyone is diligently updating their blog this Chinese New Year. So here is mine.

I'm wishing everyone who is reading this;
a very prosperous Chinese New Year
Year of the snake.

恭喜发财 万死如意
快快乐乐 过个新年

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even blogs are reluctantly being spam! I've been spending too much fun this Chinese New Year. And for a moment there, no worries, no stress, just joy :) I hope everyone could spend their CNY happily with their love ones where Chinese New Year is all about getting together and spending quality moments.

So that's my wish and post for this CNY, though short HEH.

And I gotta say, yesterday night's fireworks was like a melody in my ear. It signifies Chinese New Year. It signifies joyful and laughter. Man I love Chinese New Year! 

Have a great Chinese New Year!

PS: Been playing mah jong non-stop since just now muahhahaha.
PS PS: And dinner is set to be very satisfying later! OMG I CAN'T WAIT!

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