Feb 11, 2013

Day Two // 年初二!

Anybody reading out there? Happy CNY day two! I've putting lots of weight since cny started. Diet plan starts right after our one week holiday ends! #cakaponly

I'm here to share how my day two went :)

I was awaken to these delicious banana pancakes. What I love is my aunt will take turns cooking breakfast for us. Mom will never need to step in the kitchen in the morning because she won't. She'll sleep til...well let's say she is always the last to wake up lol. I gotta say my aunts are really good in cooking and very versatile.

Then it was lunch. Finally had lou sang. Huat ah!!! We went to our usual restaurant, where we always dine-in during each Chinese New Year. It feels homely.

After lunch, some of the family members went back home. For some, work starts tomorrow morning. So we gave our best wishes and waved goodbye. I can't wait to see them next Chinese New Year. The only time I get to see them is during Chinese New Year. That's a reason why I love Chinese New Year, it's when family reunites and spend time together.

My cousin bro and me. Sometimes very cute and sometimes very naughty!

Potato balls!!!!!

I've posted this once in my blog (i think). Oh wait I found it. CLICK HERE. And I loveeeeee it so much since my aunt made this balls wtf. As most of you know, I'm a super potato addict. And this are like drugs to me. And today, I finally learned how to make it success.jpg. Not that pretty la, but it was sooooo good. Give me some good looking potatoes and I can cook you this! 

I bet most of you are having tonnes of fun this cny. Keep the spirit up! :D

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