Feb 28, 2013

Hello March. Bye February.

Sigh typical me. I said I won't say "Hey, bye February" or "Welcome March" but here I am, blogging and using it as a title even!

Anyways, hey last day of February. Time flies doesn't it? I think February passed by the fastest so far. With our Chinese New Year celebrations which speed up the entire process, hey here comes March again.

Temporary, life's been great. I'm enjoying every bit of bit. I don't know, today I feel very happy and self-accomplish. Maybe because I took part in our school Language Week and read one of the below novels, or maybe mom's cooking was too satisfying for me.

Which somehow brings me to my new year resolutions. Have I mention it before?

Anyways I'm retyping it again hehe.

#1 Reading at least 6 books this year
lol... Two are compulsory which is Konserto Terakhir and Step by Wicked Steps which are my form 5 novels. And I'm half way through One Day. Maybe I might even reach 10 books? Yay! I rarely read books one! Just recently! So this is a big accomplishment for me ;D

it never leaves the list. I don't think I might be able to do it. In fact I might do the opposite because I haven't been exercising and mom has been cooking too many yummy food almost every lunch and dinner. Guilty pleasure.....

#3 Straight A's in SPM?
Hhahaha this is something I would really want to achieve. Not confident, but try to :)

So far there's only 3 I could list.

And I gotta mention why life is great now. Ignore my last post about me stressing out because today I realize, I have a good life. Why didn't I think I'm having a great life before? #slapface

Life's great because I have this sister. In some ways she could be mature than me wtf. No fair. I should be more mature. And I think I'm the most comfortable at home especially with my sister. Her birthday is coming, still have no idea what to get her.

And here she is, with her cup of ice-cream that I treat her hahahaha. She very happy I belanja her ice-cream.

Life's great because I have these girls to be called as best friends :)
They are just these silly crazy bunch which you couldn't be bored at. Just today all of us were laughing so hard at some funny things. Can't believe we played saliva lol. Please don't think differently. Aiyah I don't want explain at here, we know then okay already lah hahaha and not to forget Abinesh, Lcd and Ling Ling who saw the incident as well.

We are just very crazy lah! Well, mainly the three of them hahaha because I just will be there seeing the three of them getting high and me laughing my cheeks out. Just today Yee and Vwei got so high and they start to kacau me and Ern who was doing something but I can't help overhear their high pitch laughter. I'm really fortunate to have them as my friends.

Oh and before I forgot, we made this deal between the four of us but Lcd wanted to join as well HAHAHAH. Something about the future and us buying gifts for each Loly after we earn money hahahhaha. I'm giving Yee 100 roasted chickens for her future wedding dinner LOL PLEASE.

And life's great because I have such a loving family. Mom who I thank restlessly for cooking delicious food every time. It's a sort of happiness when you can go home, knowing that there'll be food on the table. And dad for working hard to earn a living. And also little Apple who brings countless joy to our family :)

Life will be always great whenever potatoes will exist. And potatoes won't extinct. Thus, life's great for as long as it shall be! :)

Have a great day everyone!

{Cheers, Pr.}

Feb 27, 2013


Taken last year in Melacca.

Once, I've asked a friend of mine, how do you do we do a successful levitation? Levitation is something very fun to do. Mine one fail already one... Want to see some real levitation?

a moving castle

One of my favourites.

Just sharing a few levitation.

The main reason I blog today is because I'm sort of stress out. Not about exam but perhaps soon. Exam is back again. I also don't know why I'm stress out #slapface. My friends and I discuss about the word Future again.

What career to choose?

I think too much sometimes. Scare that I might end up jobless. Worse nightmare. Then I thought, okay marry to a rich guy wtf. End of worries. NO. My girls and I all want to go out there and earn our own money without depending on anyone. It's always more secure to earn your own money than rely on other people's income. And it's not so good too right? People work, you spend. Walao.

But so far I've been doing this. To my parents. Of course ma, I not yet know how to work. Can't earn money by my own yet. Hopefully I could get good results, good university or college, good job and a good life.

Wah like so easy hor? If only it was like this.

And so, the question still remains unclear...

What will I be?

{Cheers, Pr.}

Feb 26, 2013

Just Plain Happy

Always and forever planned to do something amazing. Something I never thought of doing. Something that makes me happy.

I've mention a gizillion times that I love dancing.
I want to perform on stage.
To see how chic I am on stage, dancing to the beat.

I couldn't.

Devastated really.

Despite that, I insist on trying any other things that I could do to make an amazing day out of it or maybe to other people's life.

How to make my day?

Treat me a meal. I'll be over the moon.

How to make one's day?

Calling an old friend of yours, maybe.
Write a letter, a poem to someone.
Singing a song to someone.
Play the piano or guitar to someone.

or just by saying

"Hey, I'm glad that you exist in my life"

Just cherish and do something amazing today before you feel regretful for not doing it in the future.

Feb 25, 2013


Hello!!! Feeling slightly guilty to blog because I promise my sister to not go online. Yeah, I promised my sister and she's yelling me to get off the computer now. Who is the eldest sister now ha? -.- Anywaysss.....don't mind her haha.

Last Friday, we all went to Xin Yi's house to go bai nian! Yeah babeh. We had tonnes of fun and lots of laughter. Yee must the one who laughs the most. She gila one -.- Laugh non-stop. Whether she lose or win, she laughs wtf. I think she too hyper liao. But thanks to this cutie, I too, laugh like some crazy lady. THANK YOU LOL.

Partner of the day hahahaha.

Yeah Apple joined too haha. There was a total of 15 people. Too many for one round so later we split into two groups.

Then, when group 1 finished gambling. We played Mandora. Kept beating high scores but we know Huamin's score couldn't be beat. She have crazy scores. 900k wtf. But Yee is some crazy player too. She just play the game on that day and she already reach 50k.

Around 7pm, we all stopped and get ready to go for dinner. We didn't start taking pictures until that guy in the scout uniform started. He selca-ed == BOOM to the max. Then Yee joined.

Then I joined lol.

With Jason.

There's more photos. There's three photos which I ask Yee and Jason to pose but I didn't get the photo yet :/ I like that three photos haha too bad can't post it up here but I'll definitely save it in my pendrive once I get it.

In the end, I didn't manage to join them for dinner. Too bad. Arrived home around 8pm. Bathed. Slept. Exhausted... I had a great time spending Chinese New Year with you all and big thanks to Xin Yi's mom for being such a great sport ;) And of course for inviting us to come bai nian!

Let's have another round next year again!

Feb 24, 2013

Take Care Everyone!

Take a look around the people around you. Lately I've notice people getting sick. Either it's the weather or us but I could say it's because of the heat. Dehydration. I, myself feel slightly dehydrated after Chinese New Year because I've been eating too much and drinking less water than I used to. What's worse? I kept consuming fried food during this festive season.

Something funny is, the reason one of my friend is feeling heaty is because of my bbq party. Which was....one month ago -.-

Mom and the littlest Apple is sick as well. Dehydrated. Poor little sister is having a fever. Hope she gets well soon. Same goes to everyone out there who are sick. Remember to drink more water and have the enough amount of rest you need. I personally have been sleeping way out of my hours. Need to get back in track.

Today is Chap Goh Mei. Marks the 15th day of the Lunar Year. Last day of Chinese New Year. 15 days just zoom pass so swiftly. Wished it last longer though :/ Can't wait for next year's Chinese New Year! Have a great Chap Goh Mei everyone :)

Feb 21, 2013

Little Moments Everyday

Self reminder: Scream "ICE CREAMMM" instead of "Boss" next time the ice-cream man pass by.

This afternoon and yesterday, I could hear the ice-cream song. The paddle pop one. Personally prefer Walls ice-cream than Nestle's. And I don't know why. There's no ice-cream guy with Baskin Robbin's and Haagen Daz circling the neighbourhood with his motorbike. But if there really is one, he'll be rob. Trust me.

Just today I arm wrestle my friends. The strongest right arm gotta be her. Her hand is like mighty iron. I can't even move a muscle. Yee can't even move a muscle too and yet she is already really strong leh! That small scrawny looking-like hand is more than what it seems. From the arm wrestling today, I notice how short my hand is. Like really short! Someone please tell me why is my hand also short? Haiyoh.

My friend also hit my sexy butt today and guess what she said, "Why your butt so low one?". Another friend replied, "Because she short than butt also shorter". wtf... And so I told mom about my day at school and I wondered was it the inheritance of gene made me have these short hands and the answer is...yes.

I put my hand on the table and compared with mom. Same height wtf...

Feb 15, 2013

The feeling after

It's sad. I'm feeling sad. I just came back to town, leaving my hometown. But this time the feeling deepens. I don't even feel like leaving. You should've see the tears shed when we left. It was sad to see everyone leaving after Chinese New Year. One by one, leaving hometown and back to their daily life. After I came back home, I felt a piece of me missing. As though that piece has been nailed long ago.

I felt empty. Empty because things are going back to square, no more late night talks with the relatives, playing lami all-day long, preparing food in the kitchen, washing dishes, Chinese New Year movies to laugh with together...

I want that.

I wished it lasted longer.

But it couldn't. If you're lonely, think again. If you're boring think again. I feel bad. I miss her. I miss grandpa. I miss my cousins. I miss the food. I miss the house. I miss ASTRO. I miss Dee Dee. I miss Chinese New Year with them.

Though it's not even Chap Goh Mei, when I leave my hometown, it feels like it. The feeling is mostly, partially gone. For this year.

Not even having the mood to read, watch tv or homeworks. And homeworks, please...I don't want to start to swear. Why am I having SPM this year again?

Feb 11, 2013

Day Two // 年初二!

Anybody reading out there? Happy CNY day two! I've putting lots of weight since cny started. Diet plan starts right after our one week holiday ends! #cakaponly

I'm here to share how my day two went :)

I was awaken to these delicious banana pancakes. What I love is my aunt will take turns cooking breakfast for us. Mom will never need to step in the kitchen in the morning because she won't. She'll sleep til...well let's say she is always the last to wake up lol. I gotta say my aunts are really good in cooking and very versatile.

Then it was lunch. Finally had lou sang. Huat ah!!! We went to our usual restaurant, where we always dine-in during each Chinese New Year. It feels homely.

After lunch, some of the family members went back home. For some, work starts tomorrow morning. So we gave our best wishes and waved goodbye. I can't wait to see them next Chinese New Year. The only time I get to see them is during Chinese New Year. That's a reason why I love Chinese New Year, it's when family reunites and spend time together.

My cousin bro and me. Sometimes very cute and sometimes very naughty!

Potato balls!!!!!

I've posted this once in my blog (i think). Oh wait I found it. CLICK HERE. And I loveeeeee it so much since my aunt made this balls wtf. As most of you know, I'm a super potato addict. And this are like drugs to me. And today, I finally learned how to make it success.jpg. Not that pretty la, but it was sooooo good. Give me some good looking potatoes and I can cook you this! 

I bet most of you are having tonnes of fun this cny. Keep the spirit up! :D

View yesterday post: HERE

Feb 10, 2013

Happy Snake Year from me!

I noticed everyone is diligently updating their blog this Chinese New Year. So here is mine.

I'm wishing everyone who is reading this;
a very prosperous Chinese New Year
Year of the snake.

恭喜发财 万死如意
快快乐乐 过个新年

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even blogs are reluctantly being spam! I've been spending too much fun this Chinese New Year. And for a moment there, no worries, no stress, just joy :) I hope everyone could spend their CNY happily with their love ones where Chinese New Year is all about getting together and spending quality moments.

So that's my wish and post for this CNY, though short HEH.

And I gotta say, yesterday night's fireworks was like a melody in my ear. It signifies Chinese New Year. It signifies joyful and laughter. Man I love Chinese New Year! 

Have a great Chinese New Year!

PS: Been playing mah jong non-stop since just now muahhahaha.
PS PS: And dinner is set to be very satisfying later! OMG I CAN'T WAIT!

Feb 2, 2013

Total Movie Premiere Screening: Once Upon A Time皇宫灿烂

Few days ago, dad got some premiere movie screening for the movie, Once Upon A Time皇宫灿烂. I thought it was something like the one went to Nuffnang Movie Premiere but turns out it wasn't. Dad asked me to bring the camera along when the cast come. I didn't think I would see any artist whatsoever but...

The whole cast came to greet us wtf. And what makes it awesome was, Total provided us with food! We were also given coupons to redeem popcorns and drinks. I felt so awesome lol. So this is the premiere of the premiere. Because it was a Malaysian movie as well I presume. If it was an international movie, I don't think any actors/actresses would come lorh. Even the movie premiere in Malaysia is wayyyy later than the other countries.

If you was wondering what Total is, Total is actual an oil. Oil. Yes, oil. Turns out, Total was one of the sponsors, so as Hyundai. There was one part where the Hyundai car were filled with Total oil in the movie. HEH spoiler. The movie will be out on the 7th of February, midnight. Get your tickets!

The cast introduce themselves and gave us bits and pieces about the movie. Quite shock that they'll come and greet us. I have to give big thanks to my dad for getting the tickets! And my dad got the tickets because my dad works in this industry. Not bad lah the movie. For a Malaysian movie, I think it was great. We can relate. There was even Rosyam Nor in it. Support our Malaysian production lah ;)

Mom laughed so hard next to me throughout the whole movie =.= 

And it was the first time our whole family went for a movie together! Yay!

PS: The was this big group of friends in front of our row. All of them sat the whole row. I guess they were in their early twenties. One of the cast, a woman, when she pass by, the guys said Bye to her and then she said, "Oiyoh...nei hou leng zai ah".

Then two guys laughed then they say next year they want audition as myFm radio dj's then next year they'll appear in 2014's cny movie lol. It was a very big, happy, friendly bunch.

okay that was so random wtf.