Jan 22, 2013

Turning 17teen tomorrow

Oh-em-gee, what a busy day. Send me to dreamland already. Teachers gave us tonnes of homeworks with short deadlines. How can I finish it on time? Luckily this Thursday is a holiday. Whew...

Enough school talk.

Hey, I'm turning seventeen tomorrow. Officially seventeen wohoo. I bet I won't be this happy when I'm in my twenties as every birthdays signifies how old you're getting. I gotta agree with my friend, birthdays ain't big. You know what's BIG? CHINESE NEW YEAR. We've left the one month mark! CNY in less than 20 days!!! I can't wait.

Seriously can't believe tomorrow's my 17teen bash. Planned it weeks ago (actually one week ago only) and tomorrow is it. Lots of preparations to do. Lots of food to cook ^_^ My family and I have last minute discussing, just a short briefing for tomorrow. Still need to get some ingredients for the grocery. Omg I tell you guys what...my dad bought my birthday present already!!!

Guess what it is?

I like it so much!

Seriously one of my most wanted things.

Can you guess it already?

Answer is.... *drum rolls* P-O-T-A-T-O!

Yay! Roast potatoes for tomorrow's bbq! Man...I'm been craving it for a long time. Somebody buy me Irish Potatoes please? I have yet to try and it looks extremely seductive to eat T.T

Too bad it's only available in limited places like Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid and idk where else. Open one in Giza lah! I sure weekly go buy one! (and sure po kai fast)

Can't wait for tomorrow! Hope everything goes well.

Best moment of today: Receiving my lunchbox. Sepcially made by mom. Got macaroni + fried chicken + sausage = Happy Pris.

Worst moment: Knowing that your lunchbox went missing when you're fcking hungry = = Saddest moment ever.

Bad pampa bad!

Goodnight! Off to bed now! Sho tired. Beh tong.
Wait, my bm karangan haven't finish. Sht......

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