Jan 16, 2013

New Study Companion!

I didn't knew this day could come until.....today.

Just a little something before we get into business:

Just this afternoon I called Linghes then I said, "Physic got any homework?" "No teacher didn't come today".

Then after the call ended, I look at today's time table and noticed, we didn't have Physic today o.o HAHAHAH clumsy Linghes.

First and foremost, thanks for generously took my red bag containing my completed homeworks and listing down every homework that I missed today. THANK YOU AH! Give you something tomorrow :P

Except for BM, I don't have any other homework. What a good day to miss classes. Okay, I not purposely miss class lorh. I went on a SPBT mission! :D Will blog about it this Friday, so stay tune!

Now, business time seriousface.jpg

As you see the title, so I found my new study companion... If you were one of my avid reader, I did post about my eye sight problems for several times. I've been complaining non-stop at how terrible my eye sight is. One of it will be here.

I recall last time, I kinda envy my friends who wear spectacles. wtf was I thinking that time. I thought they look quite awesome, smart and it was kind of a trend that time. Even people who don't have eye problems wore spectacles! I don't know how many gezillion times I told my friends, "My eye sight so terrible. I want go buy spectacles liao". Voon Wei definitely got sick of it hahahaha.

Okay lah, enough blabbing. I know you guys very excited to see how I look #slapface. The fact is, I don't look good in spectacles at all so please don't have high expectations of me looking good.





Here's my new study look. 
If only I could see how you guys react when you see this photo. Sigh.

Sorry lah, I look like this at home. It's the only place for me to be in such comfortable mode. I clip my hair up like an ah sam and now...in addition, spectacles. I've complete my nerdy look.

It's not all bad. Yee's aunt say this spectacle make my chubby face slimmer and this spectacle suites me the most already! You guys shouldn't see how I looked in half-frame spectacles. DAMN AUNTY LIKE. or perhaps, GRANDMA.

But who cares, it's for my own good. If not I have to look at Voon Wei's book every single time. With this black baby, I could see on the white board by myself. Teehee. 

Black is the new Pris.

Regardless putting on spectacles for my first time, I find it still quite okay. I asked so many questions to Yee's aunt. 

#1 Can the spectacles be wet?
Yes, but wipe it so that the spectacle won't have water stains.

#2 Did you buy your Chinese New Year clothes?
Not yet, still got time mah..

#3 Do you wear spectacles or contact lense yourself?

lol off topic. Anyways.... everything is fine for me. Look at the bright side, now I look 2x smarter hahahahaha ^o^ in other words, nerd. I also look slightly mature. 

With spectacles as well, I could now do those sexy or kawaii poses wtf

fuii Cameron Diaz.

I'm not serious.

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