Jan 20, 2013

Little Precious Things

I've got one of the most straight forward friend ever. Currently my very cute and straight forward friend is shopping birthday presents for me hahahaha. I am seriously touched T.T Thank you in advance!

Here's a bowl of spaghetti in advance! ^_^

Haha actually this suites Lcd because he is a vegetarian. It's a vegetarian spaghetti. Just that, I added a drumstick to the dish to make it looks yummier HEH. Nah kidding, come and feast this Wednesday ah! :D

It's a great relaxing yet productive Sunday for me. My family and I cleaned our front porch for Wednesday's party. It's my upcoming 17teen birthday bash! Teehee. It's so freaking spotless now! Can't believe we manage to tidied up our front lawn which has been messy for all the time since we moved in. Mission accomplish.

I can't thank my family enough for all the efforts they put up. Eventually, after all that hard work cleaning up, we treat ourselves for some charcoal fry lunch. Est and I both cooked plates of char kuey teow for mom and dad. It was fun to pretend to be a famous hawker for once. And I can't express out how happy and lucky am I to have friends who could lend a hand in my upcoming birthday bash. Xie xie ni men! T.T You girls can have 5 chicken drumsticks each when you come!

I can't wait for this Wednesday! 3 more days!

and if you are wondering what to give me, I just want anything
useful thoughtful or handmade

I personally adore handmade cards. I want to see your handwriting and sincere wishes. Buy something thoughtful or useful. I don't wish you to splurge birthday presents for me (but if you want, you are welcome lol), buy something useful. Something that I could use. You don't wish to buy something that I end up placing it in a shelf right? I don't know you, but I'll feel quite sad if the gift that I gave is placed somewhere who knows where. Buy something that you also won't waste your money on buying. Like one of my friends called me and asked what do I want. She said she'll buy me disposable panties lol. I can accept that actually because I could use it on vacations or camps. Thus, usefull-ness checked!

Eh you guys really want to buy me disposable panties ah? = =

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