Jan 11, 2013

Learn, explore and love.

It has been only a week and I've turn into a parrot.

How time could change someone they say....

I made a bad trade with the devil. It was never fair to make a trade with the devil. You'll eventually will be taken advantage of... I said I wanted to fly freely without anything to matter. My wish was granted but I've become...a parrot...in a cage!!!! *rage* You call that fly freely?! But look at the bright side, my feathers are fcking gorgeous and I have kids who eagerly want to give me sunflower seeds straight to my beak! Mmm yum. Ark-ark me like it me like it. Felt like a king in a cage.



*double peace*

And what do humans do? Mistakes. Everybody does mistakes and nobody's perfect. You can't blame them. So you can blame me for not updating my blog. HAHAHAHA. School has been hectic (again). I'm not going to start with school again. It's always the same story. It's a Friday! TGIF! Time to sit back and relax and perhaps forget about school and the tonnes of uncompleted homeworks in your schoolbag.

I believe most of us still depend a lot on other people in their life's. Since I stepped into my senior year, it seems to me that, we are the ones who have to hold responsibilities now. We have to make a decision for everyone. You're the eldest, you have to lead them. Before this, I mostly depend on my seniors to make big decisions and task that requires difficulties. Joining a club or society or uniform unit was so easy. Even in SPBT, I think most of us depend on other people too much. Teachers, seniors, prefects, class monitors...

But after that, when you're a senior or holding an important post in certain clubs, you have to step up your game. You can't just depend on other people like you used to. If you used to depend on other people to do the job, you won't go anywhere. You have to do it yourself. For example, teachers can give you answers to the homeworks you got, but they didn't. Why? They want you to figure it out yourself. By your own. With your efforts. By that way, you could learn and explore. If you just copy the answers, what will you learn in the end of the day? I do admit that I copy my friends answer as well especially when it was a last-minute work. I supposed we shouldn't just copy the answers for the sake of passing up your homeworks. Do homeworks for the sake of learning and exploring things you never knew. But because most of the time, teachers may scold us for not passing up our homeworks. So I suggest, don't do last minute works.

Since we depend on people too much last time, when it was out turn to take over. You'll screw up. The spbt Crew and myself screwed up most of the time since school started. We have a new teacher who as incharge of the room. She's new but she's coping up greatly. Today..., today was something. We had a small briefing before work started and it all went according to plan! Despite that, our stock and file system still needs a lot of job to do. I'm glad that I learn quite a number of things before I was a senior. And my other friends and myself felt the responsibility to pass our knowledge to our juniors before leaving our senior year. 

One of my teacher said, we Malaysians terlalu bergantung kepada orang lain. Kena suap everytime. And that's the reason why the government have introduced i-Think. To get Malaysians students brain running actively. One thing I like a bout i-Think is, I could do my notes slightly more neatly and more creatively with flow charts and mind maps. I dislike doing notes that looked similar to essays. Some of us strongly disagree about this new way of learning, but maybe it's because we are so used to the old way. When one is so grown up to a familiar situation, it takes twice the effort to adapt to a new situation. Give something new a shot, maybe we'll change our mind.

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