Jan 31, 2013


I am feeling happy. Like happy happy. Maybe because I managaed to almost finish up a novel that I pick up days ago. Maybe because of the story in the novel. It's just lovely. I always love a sweet relationships where both could talk for hours and when a guy gets nervous. It all happened to the character in the novel. I'm definitely hooked up with this novel: Paranormalcy. I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

Or maybe, I'm just happy that I own a very loving and supportive family. Just few days ago (or yesterday), I was taking something from my room when Est was grabbing her towel to have a bathe when mom came in and out of a sudden, challenge Est in a duel. Towel-sword-like duel. Meaning using towels like a sword lah. My god, the most childish side of mom have I ever seen. I've seen her playing dodge pillow(ball) with Est once and I thought that was the most epic scene I saw. I didn't know how childish mom can get until that day... Lol. I get over  my everyday funny and full of surprise family. Though mom and dad could be slightly strict on my studies now, I know it's for my best though sometimes I gotta admit I don't like how things are more strict now. SPM everyone says.

There are many things I'm happy of. Maybe my new change of reading habit. I've grown to love novels more. And I manage to finish the Hunger Games. Don't laugh lol. I know I'm slightly late or perhaps very late for reading it. Damn it was so good! I want to read the next sequel, Catching Fire.

Hoping to have a good week. Hey just few more days til Chinese New Year! I can't be any happier to spend Chinese New Year. Especially family reunions :)
and good luck to my two friends who one is having her driving lessons on Saturday and another one taking her undang test. Jia you!

Oh and did you notice, tomorrow is February! My god, time has always been fast. January goodbye! Looking forward for the next January :) Always my favourite month.

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