Jan 17, 2013


Personally, I don't find myself really funny. Compare to my friends, I'm not that funny. Acceptable perhaps? I have my moments. Well, so how do one be funny? For starters, I think the word funny could be categorized in a few.

Example, there's stupidly funny. Speechlessly funny, naturally funny, funnily funny and there's sarcastically funny. And I'm going to teach you...

How to be sarcastically funny.

How could a person like me who isn't funny teaches you to be funny? What a joke you may think. BUT, with the help of meme-bro also known as... the king of sarcasm himself (that's what I call him), everyone could be funny maybe.*

*Terms and condition apply.

One day, I was chatting with meme-bro and he is funny as always. Sarcastically funny. Throughout the whole Penang trip was laughter all the way too. So I was slightly confessing, "I can't learn his sarcasm". Apparently, sarcasm runs in his blood. So he taught me how to be sarcastic. This might help some of you to get conversations with friends more fun. I know sometimes the awkward moment happens when nobody laughs at your jokes. To be corrected, it's not the awkward moment but the heart breaking moment. Meh.....sadly and crucially, I experience that moment before #itsasadstory

But first, you gotta know if you really the one you took advice from is trust-ably funny. Let me show you my sifu lah!

Cute or not! HAHAHAHA I beh tong this photo.

Okay. First test. During our Penang trip, I recalled this conversation.

Tiffany: Yorh...so hot lah. *wipes sweat* *using her hand as a fan*



Okay. Another test. We were in the Baba and Nyonya Museum and there were artificial cakes on a table. So of course picture time lah. And see what he do...


You can see he stands out. But Lcd at here looks quite yeng lah, nevertheless, meme-bro's expression is so priceless... This is so 9gag.

Okay lah. Not satisfied? Let's have a last test. I call upon...Epic face time.


Seriously a very fun guy to be with. Always ended laughing til my cheeks get numb or my stomach hurts. But, because he is sarcastically funny, sometimes you feel like slapping him in the face.

Here's the tips!

#1 Just give the wrong answer every time people ask you a question.

#2 But when you do it, don't sound serious. Say it jokingly.

#3 Then people will think you're a joker.

#4 Sooner or later, they'll know you are sarcastic.

#5 Or watch comedy tv series like The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men (or perhaps Two Broke Girls, i find it very funny)

#6 Do epic faces.

Didn't work?.... see #7

#7 Option other type of funny.

If all hope fails... see #8

#8 Just be yourself. Be the laughter instead of the joker.

PS: I find myself 2x funnier and crazier when I wear my spectacles. WOAH. But once I took it off, it's as though I'm boring me again. WOAH.

#9 Try getting a spectacle.

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