Jan 18, 2013

Duty calls

Here's the post I mention about! SPBT duties, again. I can't remember when have I been so actively posting about SPBT.

I don't know why haven't I been to Lembah Subang before. Every year, we have to go there to collect books and return extra books that we don't need. Only this time I was able to join them. Didn't know doing all this was so much fun. Especially the reward you get after a hard day of work! Read til the end of the post.

Getting ready early in the morning. All seems so pale.

The books we encountered. We're sending all these to Lembah Subang.

We carried all these from;

BOSS room > front office > lorry > Lembah Subang > LS's BOSS room > lorry > front office > BOSS room

some serious transferring

While waiting for the lorry to arrive...

Though with the coffee, our pengerusi, Jason is still blur

Still blur. Where is he looking?

Finally lol.

Thanks Chung Jie for the milo and Tif for that scrumptious fried rice!

Now I notice, it wasn't coffee. It was milo. So that's why he is so blur...

and we waited... and waited...

Around 8.30am, the lorry finally came. For the first time we have a lorry to transfer the books to LS. Last year, we used three teachers cars to transfer the books. A lorry is definitely more convenient.

Team one consist of Tif, Azfar, Fatin and myself. We went first and collect books that we needed. I describe the collecting to be quite chaotic. Tif said we have to fight for books that we need. There are many other schools who came as well. That's the big reason why we have to fight for the books. 

Tif, Azfar, me.

Prey of the day.

Busy busy busy whole day. Everyone had an eagle eye that day. We eyed for those limited books especially. Around 11am or so, it was more relaxing by then.

Can even selca. #girlsbeinggirls

Started to goof around. This is our chairman! The one who kept bashing my head wtf.

Responsible Chungjie and junior Azfar.

Najmi! Our vice chairman.

Tif and I with the lamest magician of all time lolol.


Haha Chungjie finally join us selca.

Then it was time to get going. Carry all the books back to the lorry. And grab lunch later!

Riding this thing is seriously fun weih! No fair, she ride twice!

This is what I call team work. We did this in the morning as well. We gave ourselves and the crew a round of a applause for the efforts we put up that day. It felt good :)

So...as I say, the thing I love about SPBT is we have pocket money/food from our teacher. When there's big duties like this, we get a splendid reward too. Last year they got McDonald! So this year, woohooo....we got McDonald as well!!! YAYYYYYYYYY

The guys could really eat A LOT! Double fillet-o-fish. Triple Cheese Burger. Dafuq?


I ordered a Prosperity set!!!

The fries..the fries...the curly fries!!! I can't even!

But damn the boys for curi makan my curly fries... = = 

I recall Najmi saying something, something like, "It's not human/us if we don't steal".

Something like that lah.

So, I steal their fries back. MUAHAHAHHA. 

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