Jan 4, 2013


Fourth day of year 2013! :)

Hello how's everyone doing? Man I miss blogging! Since the 1st of January, I haven't been posting. I last posted 3 days ago but it felts like a week for me. I guess school must have been the reason behind this.

#wiwt - Wednesday. Schooling day! Hahahaha.

For those who are still with me from year 2013 til 2013, thank you for still reading and opening www.prisong.blogspot.com ! :D I really appreciate my readers a lot! Because of you guys, I manage to hit my highest daily view last month! *pops confetti* :P

It motivates me to keep on blogging. Thank you.

Thank god it's Friday! School started on the 2nd of January this year. It feels so early! But it's only a day earlier. Can't believe that two months of school holidays moved so swiftly. Since school started I've been occupied with piles of homework. I didn't expect much work from the first day of school but I guess maybe being form 5 this year must be reason. Almost everyone around me kept telling to double the efforts except my friends, Est, Apple and grandpa.

Treated grandpa for a movie on the 31st of Dec. CZ12! It's grandpa's first time going for a movie in the cinema. And he was very excited indeed :) And I highly recommend this movie. It's Jackie Chan's last movie and he did such an amazing job, he did his own stunts and he's hilarious! Such an inspiration.

You can't imagine how many homeworks I have just for these first three days of schooling. I should really buck up on my studies. Notice I always say this? For always saying "I need to start studying", "I shall prepare earlier for exam", "I need to do more exercise" out loud, so publicly...this public declaration creates false pressure and I guess that should work out? I don't know.

Lunch on 31st of December. Scrumptious Pan Mee. I can't wait to go back to hometown for Chinese New Year!!! ^o^

and just so you guys know, a few days ago, Apple could get on her own bike and ride it already!

Before this, she could already ride it but i helped her to get on her bike. Her height really helps. My cousin said, "She's the tallest two year old I ever see". Oisheh... Anyways, he rarely see any two year old also. Aiyoh. But still, I believe Apple have quite of a height. Because she jumps a lot. And notice she put her bolsters in front of her bike? I taught her that hahaha. But she so greedy, put two some more this time. Can't live without her bolsters. Stinky bolsters to be corrected.

And she's been actively singing almost most of the time and playing jigsaw puzzles. We notice she love to solve puzzles. That's also why mom bought puzzles for her for Christmas.

I should stop here now. Time to have a little time for meditation and relaxation and think about why did I blog here instead of completing my homeworks. Nah, who am I kidding I want to go watch tv.

PS: Oh, Happy 201314? They say it's I love you. So what does that means? Happy I love you? lol. It's actually 2013.1.4. Oklah, I love you homeworks.


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