Jan 31, 2013

17teen: Presents

I just love love love my friends. They gave me presents which I never thought I would get.

A gift from Karwei together with Evonne and Chungjie. Never received a cake for my birthday. This was my first. Thank you! And great choice of cake, Kar Wei! She said she just had to let me try this cake because she rarely eat cakes but this one is good. So she insisted to let me try.

The next three gifts make me 2x more fashionable and more lady-like. HEH.

Could you believe it? A skull cap! Most fashion item in my house now lol (besides the nex cny clothes I got :P). I don't have a lot of fashionable things. I'm plain Pris. I really was very excited when I receive this. Thank you Voon Wei for making me more fashionable T.T still waiting for a card from you :P

I got shocked receiving all this beautiful blue(mostly) accessories. Hahahah, I think they known me for liking the colour blue. The trio got me a most of the things blue lol I'm shocked. I didn't have much accessories, mostly borrow from my sister. So this is really nice!!! Thank you to my oh-so-cute-and-loud friends, Yan Ming, Xin Yi, Huamin, Yin Yin :)

This is from Tif. Eyeliner muahaha. The 'pen' I mentioned earlier. I used to love the way korean artist looked with their eye liners. I thought I'll look cool as well but maybe because I have single eye lids everytime I put eye liner is like not putting eye liner. Geddit? Nevermind, I think I'll start practising now with Tif's present! :D

Lol it seems I have owe Yee for this. This is a gift from Xi Him. OMG, thank you so much!!! Some more this earphones is in sky blue T.T Pretty die. Turns out Xi Him asked Yee what I wanted and I asked them to buy something useful and I was in need for a set of earphones so he bought it for me. I use it everyday I tell you! Thank you. And I seem to have missed his photo in my birthday post. So here is Xi Him.

He's grown lots more taller since I saw him in form 1.

This very cute key chain is from Yong Shen. It's made by wood by the way! Very cute leh! Thanks for helping out for the barbecue (idk I've mentioned it how many times lol thank you lah!)

A very nice ship lamp or lamp ship, I call it romantic ship light with seashells at the seashore. Big thanks to Linghes together with Lcd and Xin Ruu. I placed it safely out of Apple's reach cause she seems to like a lot. I can't bear her dropping it. So I placed it nicely on cupboard with all the other decorations and photo frames. At night it shine so nicely lorh!

I very touched by this present. From my froggie, Pei Ern. She used her salary she got from her holiday job to get me this present. Thank you T.T The cupcakes are beyond adorable. I'm using it wisely. Too cute liao. And the mask, I'm using it before Chinese New Year so my face smooth smooth can go bai nian lol. You gave me all pink!

Last but not least this. Fui...I can't help but to treasure this present I got from Yee and Jason. A very useful present indeed hahahhaa. Seriously very thoughtful of them to get me this present. I am happily bouncing and skipping like a kid whenever I use my new pencil box, pens, file and correction tape!!! Now I complete Loly for all of them already got that blue correction tape except me. And Yee and I now have matching pencil box. So glad to use this for my last year in high school. 

And gotta thanks Jason for the poem he gave me. It was really funny. He called to read it to me and gave me the poem on Friday. Thank you!

One last BIG Thank you for all you thoughtful, useful, lovely, fashion, beauty, sweet gifts. I couldn't be more happy and grateful.


  1. I love presents toooo!!!! :D The cupcakes are super kawaii!!!XD

  2. erm... happy belated birthday! haha

  3. love the lamp! It's really so niceeeeee and romantic :p


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