Jan 27, 2013

17teen BASH!

After lunch, I started preparing for the party. Cleaned up the whole house while mom prepared the food. By the time I know it, Jason and Yong Shen already came! Mom and I even thought of having a short nap before the party but it seems we don't even have time for it! So as the others, when they came, I asked if they slept but they didn't either.

Photo bombing even before the party started is si jie, Voon Wei. HAHAHA

Jason and Yong Shen who came the earliest helped out. Guys ma...so I asked them to help carry heavy stuff HEH. And then because of their height, they kept banging a tanglung which I would never have bang because of my height lololol. Felt quite short when they came, like two towers just arrive.

Later on Xi Him and Tif came back from Giza. Next was Voon Wei. I thought she'll be late but in fact she was one of the earliest! Hooray. And Yee who thought of coming at 4pm, came at 5pm+! Just by hearing, we knew it was Yee and Pei Ern. Their voices are like loudspeakers! They some more wear same t-shirt colour. So kap!

Soon, all of them came altogether. And everyone start to take photos and play around.

The epic fight between Huamin and Yee. They'll be the best friends of best friends if there in the same year for sure, says someone. Too funny liao.

Say Hi to Tif, Evonne and Yee!

Waiting for the games to begin!

Loly were preparing the games for my party. Yee did a great job by making mission cards for the groups, Voon Wei who gave ideas and Pei Ern whom decorate all the mission cards so nicely :) Thank you girls.

Photo bombing Ling and Pei Ern. Finally he came! Everyone was waiting for him.

We call this the shooing-mosquitoes-away dance. It was so much fun!!! HAHAHA. Tif and Evonne recorded it! Oh send it to me pwease!

and let the games begin!

Started off with Round One. A warm-up game, Pepsi cola. Very qi gek one I tell you.

Voonwei and Yee from Group 1, Lcd and myself from Group 3 won Round One so we'll the competing each other in the final round to have swapping privilege. But they didn't swap. So Mission 1 START!

Mission 1: Eating competition

Round 1: Apple
Round 2: Mandarin orange
Round 3: Three slices of bread
Round 4: 1 litre of water

A small conclusion from Mission 1, Evonne could really gobble up an apple fast! Yan Ming is a high speed mandarin orange eater. I didn't saw Round 3 but I guess it was Huamin who ate the fastest. Then it was Linghes ridiculously fast water gulping. Woi, he macam swallow *gulp *gulp *gulp *finish* wtf?

So don't challenge them in any of their specialty, boy they're fast! :D

Mission 2: Photo Competition

Take photo with a stranger.

My group. All smiling. See Group 1 (below).

Lol, linghes and Voonwei seem bothered except Yee, got peace some more hahahaha.

Planking at a 4-intersection road

My group. Potato and Rose planking yo! (Lcd & me)
If there wasn't this game, I wouldn't have even plank before. Our first photo failed so this is our second shot.

Group 1 planking. Way to go Linghes and Voon Wei! Bet they never plank before too. In fact, I don't think any of us plank before.

Take photo with a bus.

- failed -

The bus didn't came so we all failed. Everyone sick of waiting liao so game end lol. Actually I was told that there was still Mission 3 but then everyone started to feast already. Haha, so the game end like this.

Yong Shen who helped the whole day, barbecueing! My parents kept praising him all-night and the day after lol. While all of us were playing and eating and chit-chatting, he just stood there and barbecue all-night long. Thank you for the fine barbecue wings, drumsticks, sausages and garlic bread! Great job :)

Makan-makan begins. Lcd very happy my mom cook almost everything vegetarian. My mom say he kept saying Thank you aunty hahahaha :D

As the sun goes down, some of us chit-chatting, some still eating and some having a temple run contest.

Then it was photo session time.

Crazy hilarious, Pei Ern. Classmates since Form 1! Always love her silly conversations.

We were both mistaken for each other by almost everyone on the first day of school. Meet Yee :)

Two years sitting next to each other! My pretty friend, Voon Wei :) The eldest in LOLY.

Ern play cheat! tip-toed to make us looks 2x shorter wtf

Loly x Apple. Freestyle!

The photo all of us agree on. Oi Ern's legs so smexy wtf. My damn cacat one lol. But I like it as well (besides the leg part la)

Karwei x Evonne!
Thank you so much for the birthday cake! :')

Missing Yin Yin. My three loud friends. Like Yee said, when it come to loudness, they are the winners! Thank you all for the lovely accessories <3

Potato x Rose. lol. Oi matching shirt colour weih!

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Tiffanyyyyy! Idk I took how many selca with her. Thank you for the 'pen' lol. I'll reveal what I get from my friends in another post!

Chungjie! He and Karwei came after tuition! Thanks for making and effort to come as well.

My forever handsome friend, Linghes! Luckily you no malu already after that. Next time eat more and you can half of my fats if you want :P

Forever loyal SPBT shirt guy, Jason.

Yongshen with a guitar instead of birthday girl. So sad T.T nah, he is not a camera guy so....yeah. I still got a photo of him! HAHA

And we played games. I love this moment. It was the best of all. yay to my team who won! :P Fought each other with scouts tepukan. It was infinite :)

Took some family photos while the others bullshitting lol. Lcd and Ern look so fierce! (Y)

All bullshitting HAHA! It's actually a game call bullshit.

Didn't really get into details but I'll elaborate more next time. There's too much to say but I need to sleep right now. I'm writing as much as possible for my birthday post because I won't want to miss this high school moments in the future as I read them again. Thanks again for celebrating with me :)

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