Jan 24, 2013

16 to 17

Guess who just turned 17 yesterday? If you don't know, go and fart pwease. I had a BLAST last night. My friends came over to celebrate my 17teen bash together :)

This is a candid shot by my very cute friend, Yee. Thank you. I can't be more natural than that.

On the 23rd of January, it was a schooling day. When I went to school, I saw Voon Wei. So she was the first to wish me in person that day. Some more she wished me in Chinese! HEH.

Then Evonne arrived at school then she too wished me Happy Birthday. But not Chinese lorh of course! She is my very ang moh friend.

The night before though, Pei Ern and Tif wished me an early birthday. Ern tweeted a birthday wish for me. And Tif through phone. That night I was exhausted so I slept early. When Ern reach to school, she even wished me Happy Birthday with a big slap on my back. Need or not oh! 

In the morning when I saw my phone, I saw Yee's sms. It made my morning actually and she said she stayed up late to make my birthday card. hahaha I know you most wei da lah! So as Ern who sacrifice her piggy time to make my card.

Then when I go in class, Jason wished me twice. In moral class, Dex and Deeban wished me. Dex said, "Happy Birthday Pris ok bye bye". What was that? -.-

The whole day I was in school, I felt very easy-going and happy. Like can smile without any reason. When we lined up during assembly, my classmates Shamimy and Izzati wished me as well. So cute of them.

5 Adil too sang me a Happy Birthday song. Thank you all! I thought Linghes wanted to tell us something bout Farwi but then, "Perhatian. Hari ini birthday Priscilla." Then everyone automatically sang. Always like this one! Haha my class love to sing birthday songs. If Birch and Nadiah were here, everyday is Birch birthday.

Before I went back home I lepak for a while lorh, then the trio, Huamin, Xin Yi and Yan Ming ah....walaoeh they are so loud! Like pasar aunty lol. Altogether wished me as well. 

On that day as well, some strangers wished me happy birthday. I just said thank you lol. Must be polite mah! People wish then we just accept lorh. Noah wished me the wish Dex wished me last year. "Grow taller Pris". BIG BIG THANKS FOR THE WISH. I always love that birthday wish.

Even when I'm heading home or in the toilet, people wished me. Teehee. Mostly my classmates lol. Haha. Later you all thought I very famous -.-

To be true, dad was the first to wish me. and mom as well. But dad was first because mom always take extra 5 minutes or 10 before waking up. Dad said, Happy Birthday Prisci. Then hug.

Thank you everyone for wishing me. Appreciate every wish you all gave me wheather in person, twitter, facebook or instagram, thank you :)

Oh and on that day, I wore spectacles since morning til I went back home. Wah so self-accomplished leh! Usually I wear when class start only. HEH.

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