Jan 1, 2013



Hahaha! So this is my best friend, Voon Wei! Start this birthday post with a silly photo of her :P

This year around, I couldn't celebrate her birthday together. But you know what? I'm here in Pahang, wishing you a very happy birthday and a happy new year, via twitter and blogger hahahha. I feel bad for not be able to attend the celebration :/ I remember you say year 2013, we must celebrate everyone's birthday (cause usually we January babies rarely get celebrations one!! lol). I'm madly sorry for breaking my promise, but hey, I got celebrate it via twitter and blogger wad ;D HEH. And a call also!

I'm really glad I get to meet such a fun, funny, silly, pretty friend like you. She is definitely one of the most crazy one in 96line. 

Nah, a more glamorous photo of her! ^^v Pretty not my friend!!!

Reviewing what we did together for the year 2012!

Taken in February. During this year's CNY! At Pizza Hut if you can't remember! Lol, I cry on that day wtf.

 This one was fun. Last time I kept asking her to take this with me coz it seems so fun. Like magic wtf. Actually I asked almost everyone to do this with me but all don't want, say very ma fan = = So that day was Chung Jie's birthday then I finally got her to do this with me!!

Man I tell you, yuan lai so ma fan one! They were right = = And we kept asking each other what type of expression should we do.The heart quite fail one actually hahahha. Never mind lah! Who cares! :P

A day to celebrate our freedom from the finals! I love that day :)

and how can we forget our first vacation together?! 96line first vacation :)

The banana boat ride was awesome! Too bad the guy didn't purposely made us drop into the water lah. Singing while riding on the banana boat, that feeling, it made me felt infinite ;)

Here we go! Let's do this! :D

Fake sleeping in the Baba Nyonya house :D *paiseh, I didn't know want to close eyes one...

And I'm so happy that you even gain a servant from Penang. Congratulations ma'am lol.

It has been a great year. Friendship bond grew stronger than ever. 2012 was also the year, LOLY's united in once class :) Whole year sit next to you really won't boring one... Talking non-stop lol. Everyday sure will have some funny things to laugh about and mostly it's because of your humour. Seriously made all of us laugh until our stomach pain like wth... It was fun :)

So we've been friends for...how many years? Can you do the counting? My maths sucks la. 

This was taken in year 2010. Back in Form 2.

I think I wasn't that close with you in form 1. Back then you seem fierce and fearless lol. If it wasn't for Ern, I think we also can be friend today (oisheh, drama moment come already). HAHAHA WONT LA, still can be friends one... Maybe slower only. I can't wait for years to come, more vacations that we're going, more celebrations and more time spend together, my crazy friend

And of course the most anticipated war of the year, SPM. Middle finger to you SPM. HAHAHA. She's definitely a smarty. Pretty, smart, humorous. Man, ask her for a relationship already somebody!

I couldn't ask for more for a friend like you. Just one thing la, love me more and I would like to have a birthday hug from you. lol. I tell you guys, her hug is like limited edition or something. Like diamonds like that. So far she've hug two or three persons only. Only hug on special occasions = =

So hug me maybe?

"Fuck you"

lolololololol. I could imagine she say that HAHAHAHHA.

2012 was great. Hope 2013 we'll create more memories together! Love you bij! Oh, and fuck you back!

You know why? *scroll below*

HAHA, bij. Let me translate this *clears throat*. 
"Thank you bij for sending a rescuer to me when I needed most, I'll belanja you a Hokkaido cake when you get back to KL. Love you :) <3"

lol. She'll definitely fuck my back later.

It's actually...

"Thank you bij for sending a rescuer to me when I needed most, I'll belanja you a Hokkaido cake when you get back to KL. Love you :) <3"

Happy 17 birthday again! :) 

Don't say I mou sam ah. My first blog post for 2013 goes to you. So precious... Fuii...and who knows, later so many guys look for you lol

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