Jan 4, 2013


All this while, since Est knew One Direction, and became a Directioner, she's been playing One Direction's song til the whole house could hear. Until mom, myself, dad and even Apple know their songs. She always have an eye on Harry. Harry Styles from One Direction.

So mom came in to her room just now and laid down on her bed while she's in her room tweeting.

Mom: *looks around the room*

She got 5 of their posters. One more at the back of her door.

Mom: *looks at another corner of the room*

Mom: You like Harry ah?

Est: Yeah

Mom: Why do you like Harry? Because he is hairy?

Est: -______-

#2 Yesterday night, before we sleep.

Mom: Tomorrow you wake up earlier ah. I need to go to the gym early in the morning. Take care of Apple ah.

Est: Okay

Mom: Eh you always didn't wake up early wan. Everytime I call, Essie......wake...upppppp. You never wake up. *turns around and look at me* I tell you ah when I vacuum so loud also she won't wake up. Then I go clean up the kitchen, cook some breakfast...she still not yet wake up!

Est: I got hear wan..but I don't want to bother only. Very lazy la..

Mom: Next time I want to use water spray at you.

Est: What?

Mom: Can I ask for your permission to spray water at you? If I call you Essie.....wake upppp, three times already ah, I will spray liao.

Est: Hah? Eyyyy. Nuuu.

Mom: No lah. I don't want ask your permission already. I am telling you now that I will spray water straight away.I call you three times already then I spray you.

Est: Bu yao... I will wake up wan... If you and Apple come near me and say, Essie wake up... *soft and gentle*, I will wake up wan.

Mom: Sure or not? Ok ok. Tomorrow we try. But if try this way one time only. I call one time, you still didn't wake up then I straight spray.

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