Dec 11, 2013

First time scaling

My teeth feel extremely naked now.

In the morning mom and dad went to the dentist to check on their teeth and at the same time, they did scaling. Est did it last week. They alll came home with naked teeth! That is, plague free teeth, spotless! You can't see any bits of left over in between your teeth. I didn't quite get it though because I'm the only one in the family that haven't go scaling, besides Apple that is.

So my dad ask me to as well, and it only cost 3 effing ringgit. Cheap or what you tell me. RM1 for registration, RM2 for scaling. Malaysian citizens should definitely make use on this kind of benefits that the government provides.

And so I went scaling as well. The dentist was a young handsome man *jackpot kaching* ! In one way it was nice having such a friendly handsome looking dentist but then another way, he had to look at my horrible teeth some more do scaling. Don't be shock to find yourself spitting a lot of blood out when you gargle after scaling, that is if you are like me, haven't been to scaling for 17years. It was my first time. I'm just glad he said mine wasn't the worst teeth he had to do scaling, they were far far farrrr more worse. *relieved *

It's advisable to do scaling 6 months once. So twice a year.

Seeing so many young dentist at the clinic just now also somehow motivates myself into pursuing dentistry. We'll see.

Till then, see ya.

Dec 10, 2013

Ah gong


Since the holidays started, I've spend most of my time in my hometown. This time around, I finally manage to make some new friends around the area, hopefully we could han out the next time I come home. Actually we just share some messages, and I might have been a little straight forward. And that might scare them off lol. Because I have come to notice, some of them here are more conservative. So I guess my little act of straight forwardness might have been scaring them off lol. I don't know, that are just my thoughts.

Anyways, so since i'm back in my hometown, that means I get to spend more time with my ah gong! My one and only ah gong :)

Dec 7, 2013

Have a great day, cheers!

Hi there,

          It's great to just spend some time relaxing with my legs crossed, with a laptop on my finger tips and typing this blog post. I just got back from my driving school, for undang. I'm on my way into getting my driving license! Yay.

I should've gotten it long ago since my birthday was early of the year but my parents didn't allow me, so here I am, after SPM, taking undang today. Haha so forget all the bullshits I used to post on my blog last time.

Just the other day, I was over at Ern's house. It was nice meeting again since the 28th. And it was very nice meeting aunty, idk why, it felt very homely to me, like my second house or something. We spend some time over at lunch, just eating and catching up with each other. It wasn't much but was just comforting? I don't know how do I put in words. And not as clueless as I thought, I became a face got...make up on. Last time lil' Yan Yan also got make up by Ern lol. I guess the next shall be Vw then haha.

It wasn't that bad la actually, I wasn't a victim. She did quite of a good job!

    I am 8 days away til my trip to Japan. And in two more days, it will be less than a week. I'm on the verge of excitement here, for one thing, it'll be winter in Japan, and secondly, I finally contacted my host family successfully! Yay ^o^ They say they are waiting for me to arrive! *hearts flutter*

It took a hard time contacting my host families. I'm not sure if it's the problem with the email or not, coz japanese emails are a lot different. But gladly they received one of the many emails that I sent.

Hopefully my preparation for winter is enough. I am really scare of cold but I also can't wait to experience winter. Ironic. And hopefully I'll be able to update my blog in Japan, to share my trip during this exchange programme.

Till then, cheers!

Dec 5, 2013

Past and Present

Thought I dig up some old photos that I kept and post it, just to commemorate!

Yan Yan and I! We'll always be night and day :P
It's a joke that she created, that meant I am always darker than her, thus night and day lol.

Manage to find one photo of Linghes last time! I think his voice change a lot. and perhaps talking speed as well haha.

Voon Wei and I! In case you don't know, the one on the left is the past, the right is the present lol. I don't think the both of us change much? Both of our hair change lorh! Haha

Tify and I! She cut her hair and I grew my hair. Now our hair are about the same length! Lol idk what we were doing dressing up with our school shirt and a tie. Maybe trying to be CSI lol.

Ern and I! We somehow got fairer? Or is it lighting issues? I guess it's the light haha. Well one thing's for sure, we both got chubbier. Let's go jogging kawan!

Lcd~~~! Changed so much my friend! I think he did a hair job lolol. WHen I know him, he has the least confidence ever. He still do, but I guess he should know he's taken a big leap out of his comfort zone. So be proud! All the best my friend! :)

And here are some older photos I got over the years!

That time rubix was a hit. Everyone was playing and competing each other. These two always races to see who completes first. Most of us have our own rubix then we will bring it to school and versus each other at school!

The trip to Batu Caves for our folio project! Didn't know how young were they last time... haha. The three used to be very white and innocent, less polluted lol. How bout now? :P

I remember requesting this photo to take with ah Cheng. The super cool friend. This go way back to form 1. All innocent faces haha.

In conclusion:

Naive innocent faces ------> Mature faces ?

Dec 1, 2013

High School

Good morning,
It has been two days since the last day of high school. I have been so keen to post about this but bad luck pris, my laptop went nuts. 

27th of November 2013, marks the last day of SPM which was the day we were all looking forward to since we could get back, what I call freedom. But it was also the last day of high shool. Meaning, we won't be meeting our friends and classmates in school as often as we used to. We won't wear our school uniform again.

When it was 3.30pm, Biology Paper 3, my last exam paper, we were so eager to get up and just scream to express the freedom we just grasp on. In Bilik 3, my exam room, we could hear the next classes already screaming but our invigilator have yet to collect our papers. We could just wait and hoping out little inner scream will resist another few seconds. Once the invigilator said, "Okay, you may leave now". That my friend is sound of freedom :)

This was the first photo I took when SPM was over. With my good friend, Lingheswaran :) I can't thank him enough for everything.

We accompany each other on our way back home, often meet up to study together, he definitely help me a lot in my studies. I still owe him RM3 lol. And we have been friends for 7 years, since we were 11 years old. Don't you forget me friend!

Off with our chairs, out we went outside of the exam hall. My friends and I just gave a small, "Ahhh!", that's a small scream lol. But big smiles are all over our faces. Who wouldn't be happy? After that we immediately rush to the SPBT room to return our textbooks. Boy it was packed.

Then Voon Wei joined the photo session!

The day before, it hit me that it was the last day I'll be stepping in the school as an SMK Kota Damansara Seksyen 10 student. My school might not be super famous, filthy rich, nor have the most excellent results academically. But we have our moments, there were many who contributed in building our school's reputation. And I definitely love my school :)

Throughout the five years of high school, I've been collecting memories along the way. I was really grateful and fortunate to meet great friends in this school, friends whom I can count on. Friends that I know I could have a long friendship with for years to come. It's just really sad that I couldn't meet my classmates as often as I could... Namely everyone in 5 Adil, every single one of us play a role in the class. Be it fighting for extra marks in class with teachers or just making the whole class chaotic. Teachers til now couldn't believe how Adil is so noisy and indifferent. I think, that's how the way we are.

I am also truly honour to have great teachers to answers my hows and whys. My english teacher have been teaching me for 3 years! Since I was in PMR until SPM. Most of our teachers took up our class for two years such as our BM teacher, Physics teacher, Maths teacher. We have the same class teacher for form 4 and form 5 as well! I am definitely not complaining. I couldn't be any happier having her as a class teacher, Puan Normah :) I even remembered the first day she came into our class in 2013, she announced that she was our class teacher. She said, "Maaflah kalau awak semua dapat saya sebagai guru kelas awak lagi". I don't know why she thought all of us don't like her everytime, in fact, I like my teacher, most of us like her. Those who don't like teacher, bad bad you. Teacher is too cute la. My only regret is not taking a photo with her! I will take it on SPM results day!

I thank the teachers who work their butt off for us as well. Making extra classes for us on weekends, after school periods. Definitely kudos to them! I benefit it a lot from the extra classes.

I also wondered why last time, our school used to be shooting venue for movies and drama. Got so nice meh? Yeap, I should be grateful. As I look around, my school is indeed beautiful. We have a kolam ikan, taman herba. Okaylah maybe your school also have and maybe even canggih. But....yeah, I love my school. End of story.

I was glad to meet some people that I know I could have a long friendship with. They definitely hold a significant part of my high school life. I'll always remember that little something about them, be it the way they hold their fork and spoon, the way they laugh, the way they talk, or maybe even the way they react to people touching their faces haha.

All in all, my high school life was definitely complete with memories to conserve. And I thank blogging for documenting the littlest things in life during high school, that way I could view through my archive and smile at how silly we all use to be, at how easy we laugh at jokes, how we could have so much fun with each other. For years to come, I hope we could still be in contact and we bring our little sons or daughters to go yum cha. Okay I get to far.

Heck, you'll still see my friends in my blog for sure! :)

High school life just ended but it was just the beginning of something new, I hope and wish for the best to all of you in the next phase in life. We may walk separate ways after this, but I shall never forget what was it like during high school :)

Oct 29, 2013


*feeling fluttery inside*

My two classmates since Form 1. While I am typing this post, I am smiling to my ears. I can't stop smiling at this photo, it just makes me feel grown up and a mixture of indescribable feelings :) And having to see this comparison, it just feels, haha, really fun. High school life is definitely fun.

I find something really funny too!
4 years ago, both Lcd and Pei Ern were wearing specs. But in the present, I am wearing it. Haha.

They still wear it, but coincidentally not in this photo. And did Lcd had a hair job or something? lolol. Lcd also left a remark saying that the smile that Ern showed during Form 1 is a very innocent smile plus that *handsome hand gesture*, but in the present, she expressed a different kind of smile.. Haha.

I have yet to find an old photo of Loly, so I couldn't post it yet. Tomorrow will be our last day at school(not official), we'll be cleaning up our tables and arranging it for SPM!

Today also marks our last day in our classroom. Oh 5 Adil. All of our teachers also expressed their best wishes to us. Much appreciated :) Can't believe I'm leaving high school soon *wipe tears*

PS: I just notice another difference from our photo!
2009, Ern smiled exposing her teeth but not Lcd and I.
2013, Ern didn't showed her teeth, instead Lcd and I exposed our teeth.

This is really something haha.

Oct 26, 2013



Today I attended Orientation Day for the exchange programme that I took part in. I was waiting anxiously for this day but *boo hoo*, I got diarrhea today. Such luck. Yesterday night, I made visits to the toilet almost every hour. At times, I just plan to sleep inside the toilet because I'm so tired of making my way to the toilet in between of my sleep. Ugh, sleep deprived.

Just the day before I had my monthly period pain. I hate the first day, every time. Two consecutive days of suffering, I hope tomorrow and the rest of the days, weeks and months, I will be healthy and fine and free from any of this pains. *touch wood*

Enough of blabbering about my sufferings. Back to Orientation day, there's a briefing regarding our trip. Sometimes things doesn't goes well as what we expected, for example, what if your passport went missing? What should you do? So mainly, I'll need to inform my host parents first, to see what they can do to help. And later, I have to go to the Malaysia embassy.

I think all of this is really useful information. Anything could happen when you're outstation, so you'll just have to be well prepared for unexpected situations.

Oct 22, 2013



Just came back from school from BM's extra class. Thought I took some pictures of myself in my school uniform because as I walk back home, I thought of 6 more days.

Today as our extra class goes by, I was recounting the days left that we could still step foot in our school. And it's only 6 days more. Excluding the days we're sitting for SPM. 6 days more to let me sit with my friends in our classroom, 6 days more to have teachers entering our class, 6 days more to make noise in the class...

How time flies. Next Wednesday we'll be arranging our seats for our examination. It will be a extravagant cleaning up session, just like how we did it during PMR. Back then, it was 3 days before PMR. This year, it will be 7 days before SPM.
Then I think there will be one last sharing of token of appreciation to the teachers. We'll all shake our teachers hands as teacher gives us one last of good luck and advice. After that, the Form 5 students will be given a week off to study at home and we'll return back to school on the 6th of November to face SPM.

How time flies.

I'm gonna miss my time with my friends in class and seeing some of my favourite teachers as well. Sigh, the 6 of us couldn't sit at the right corner of the class again, talking about nonsense all day long and laughing into every joke any of us tell.

And today we ate lunch in our school canteen. I don't know when will be the last time I'll ever eat at the school canteen, not saying that I like it a lot... but having lunch today with my friends in the school canteen felt nostalgic as we used to have recess all the time during Form 1,2. After that we started to migrate from a place to another. I remember eating maggi cup noodles almost everyday!

I'm not being sentimental. Not sad-sad sentimental but sort of a happy sentimental. I'm just happy and bubbly all the way home just now and I thought I should blog about my day because I wanted to do so.
Documenting my high school was really enjoyable. In few years time, I could scroll back and read and reminisce my high school life...

Thank you.

Oct 19, 2013

Early Celebration

Good evening,

November is around the corner and that means our youngest friend, Yan Yan, is turning 17 soon. But unfortunately this year, her birthday falls on the first day of SPM! So, we decided to bring forward her birthday celebration, which :)

You don't know happy I was when we could finally go out and enjoy some good food and be Asians at work. Just to like, you know, take a short break from studying? I was looking forward to scout for new restaurants and cafes we never place foot on and we thought why not we try Korean food instead of the usual Western food. Vw picked us up right after Yan Yan finished tuition.

Yan's birthday lunch
and so we went to Seoulscape Bistro.

Big face, small face.

I find beautifully decorated restaurants/cafes/bistros attractive. It could definitely attracts me to come back for more, of course the food must be good also la.

So we sat down in a very nice corner, a very friendly waitress served us with spicy and savoury Korean food, slowly enjoying tea and yakso in the end of our meal... Ern was adding yakso for us when our cups went empty. And Vw that added ramen for Yan and I. *hearts flutter*

I gotta say that waitress is somewhat like a long lost friend of ours? And her expression was so funny when we ordered yakso

By the end of our meal, we were bloated! Extremely bloated. Our initial plan for a second round of desserts was cancel due to our overly stuffed stomach. But I bet Ern sure can still eat. Her appetite never fails to amaze me.

So I guess we'll have cake for  the birthday girl after SPM? heh.

went a little crazy with the birthday girl. I suspect she have some kind of young potion or happy potion because whenever I'm with her, I feel younger. slightly crazier or a little childish. I'm all smiles.

Thank you for the great day girls.

Eventhough we didn't officially graduated today, (lol pls, only 5 person in our class went for graduation), but in heart we already graduated? lol paiseh, I'm lost in words currently.
Aiyah, I feel like, if SPM isn't over yet, I'm not graduated. I think I'll self-graduate after SPM.

Hello, graduation party.

Oct 12, 2013



thought I spend some time to update this abandon space of mine. Nothing much to update on except that my final exam is right next to me. I find it hilarious when one of my classmates mentioned that "SPM just around the corner", but then teacher corrected him by saying "SPM is not around the corner, it's right next to you".
*looks next to shoulder, oh hi SPM*

Sorry for constantly bugging about SPM and studies for the past few post. Therefore, I'll just share some photos. 

Saturday photolog: Melacca
going back to August. Melacca one day trip.

My taller younger sister. Look what the wind did to her hair haha. 

Have a great weekend!

Now Playing - 沙滩

Oct 3, 2013

Back on track

*takes a deep breathe*

The past two days has been miserable for me. Miserable. I have been sick. Had fever, flu and sorethroat. Last night mom went to see the pharmacist to get prescribed medicine for me. The pharmacist suspect that I have been having infection in my throat. And the infection is said to be causing me fever. The sore throat that I'm having is literally killing me. It's like a needle stuck in my throat. Ouch. Extremely ouch.

Water is definitely vital for a sore throat. But even gulping down a small amount of water could make me scream in agony. Still I have to force down the water and increase resistance level.

Thank god, I am better today.

But still, I couldn't get my hopes up. I still need to take good care of myself, drink more water, eat my medicine at the right time and get plenty of rest.

I was wondering, if I am 15 this year. I will be in some serious pothole. Because I wouldn't be able to sit for PMR. But thankfully, I am 17, not sitting for PMR but SPM instead. And SPM is like what? one month away?!

I'm just so thankful that I am getting better so I could be back on track to start revising again. The pass few days have been an obstacle for me to revise for SPM. Everyday at home like a walking corpse, laying on the couch ill, reminds me that I have to be healthy enough. To be healthy enough so this wouldn't happen to me during SPM. Oh lord please don't. *touch wood*

May health be with me.

Time to eat my medicine.

PS: I finally got my passport today! Something to boost up my immunity level despite my passport photo looked extremely horrible, because I took the photo on Tuesday, the day that I was so ill. So my face was extremely pale and puffy -___- My IC photo and passport photo can fight it out in terms of ugliness.

PSPS: If you plan to renew your passport, be sure to have snacks or a book or a smartphone with you. Because you'll have to queue for a very very very very veryyyyy longgggg time. When I went there, I have to wait for 200+ people before it was my turn. And we asked them if everyday were that many people, and she nodded. Everyday is crowded with people!

PSPSPS: I just knew our new passport have chips on it. Well you can't blame me, I haven't took notice anything related to overseas or passport for the past ten years. And if you're planning to visit Japan, you'll just need you new passport with chip and the front page stamped with ICAO. Then you wouldn't have to apply for visa. If still using the old passport without the chip and the ICAO stamp, you'll still need to apply for a visa.

What amaze me most in my trip to the imigresen station there was how the youngsters will give their seats to the elderly. It's pleasant to see this random act of kindness in our society.

Sep 27, 2013

I'm going to Japan babeh

I bet you could tell what I am going to announce from my title.

But please.....bear with me and read on!

Ever since 2003, I've never venture the outdoors of Malaysia. The last time I was overseas was my trip to Singapore with my family, to visit a friend of ours. Back then, Universal Studios Singapore weren't even built. I was a petite 7 year old back then, I didn't know what was it like to travel? I didn't even know how to take so many photos... I think back then I didn't even have a camera. Oklah, a digital camera. I have those film cameras, those bulky type, but it was better than nothing at that year. In addition to that, we drove to Singapore!

I have never been on an aeroplane.

That's the reason why I have been so eager to venture out of Malaysia! That's why I was in the interview in the first place!

Remember this and  this? I was going to that very important interview of the year.

I applied for a youth exchange programme. And I chose Japan as my destination. I opt Australia for my second choice. I want to see the world, experience different culture, food, meeting new people, learning their languange, knowing the country more... and of course, travel.
It has been a life long dream of mine despite living for only 17 years.

After what seems like a century of waiting....the results of my interview is out!

Sorry before that I have to tell a story first. I am this long-winded.

So I came home today, just like any other day, I always check my email everyday. Just to see if I got a letter from them. With my lack of enthusiasm, because I've been checking my mail twice everyday and in hope that  I receive the email but it wasn't there every time, so i was beginning to lose hope... I was all negative. "Maybe I wasn't good enough", "Why would they even select me?", "Maybe my written test was also horrible"...

Then, I checked my Facebook account. I checked the exchange programme group in Facebook, and they announced that 35 people out of the 60+ people who interviewed will be chosen! And it was posted two days ago, on dad's birthday. They say we will receive a call from them. By then I was nervous like hell. Like hell. I just had to emphasize that twice.

At first the phone rang, ran towards the phone! It was dad....

So I thought they will call the next day, and it so happened when I was watching tv, the phone rang again. I still ran towards the phone, IT'S NOT DAD! IT'S THE EXCHANGE PROGRAMME GUY! Holy potato balls.


Hi-5 dad twice. Hug him.
Screamed with mom.
Hug Est and jumping around.
Hi-5 Apple as well!
Meowed with Nelson.

Yeap, we were all happy :D Beyond the moon as the matter of fact!

Thank you for reading. I am very happy. Very happy. Ultra happy. Potato balls happy.

Sep 15, 2013



Greetings earthlings. I sit by here today, to express myself of the enjoyment I had for the past two days since my trial. It was a Friday and one of my to-do list after trial is KARAOKE. We both had a good two hours to sing our lungs out. Esther as usual sang Titanium and cracked her voice lolol. She'll end up bursting into a weird laugh when she couldn't hit the high notes, weirdo.

Getting wicked with the sister.

As for Saturday, we slack at home the whole day. Watching movies, 24-hour onlining, just practically doing lazy stuff. I even took an afternoon nap despite not waking up early. Man was I lazy... Est decide to watch Brave. 


mom promised to bring us out. so we had lunch together and walk around the shopping mall without buying anything except cheesecakeeee. Yum <3

Baby sister fell in the car after a long day of walking. I fell asleep as well. 

Muahaha, tomorrow is another holiday. Another day to relax before putting my game face on again. I think people should learn to enjoy themselves in life, to serve up as a reward for the all the hardwork (not that I'm saying I'm working very hard) they've put into their career, studies or etc. 

Have a great day tomorrow. Happy Malaysia Day in advance :)

Sep 14, 2013

A day as a kindergarden teacher

Hey guys! As promised, I will be posting my day in the kindergarden with my Japanese host sister. A day before, we discussed about the things we're going to do with the kindergardeners.

I was ecstatic! Before this, I thought of taking kindergarden teaching as my part time job while waiting for my SPM results. And that day, I manage to get a little experience of what it's like to be a kindergarden teacher :)

Kanae first introduce herself.

We also decide we did some singing session with the children. And what better not to sing either Doraemon theme song? Kanae sang the full song. The children were murmuring in the first part, but when it comes to the chorus "AN AN AN TOTEMO DAISUKI DO-RA-E-M-ON", the children were so loud. I also sang that part the loudest lol.

Next we did origami! It was a super super easy origami. The kids just need to fold the ears and draw the nose, mouth and eyes. It's a dog! :) We also taught them what is dog in Japanese, it's pronounce as e-nu-t.

They were so happy with their origami!

The last session was presented by the kids :) Since Kanae has been teaching them more about Japan, it's time for the kids to teach her about Malaysia. We asked them their favourite food. Nasi lemak, char kuey teow, roti canai... You name it! The kids also sang songs for Kanae. Man, they were loud! haha.

Before that, we taught them numbers in Japanese. We asked them each number in Japanese and they will be given a jelly as a reward. They really love jelly... Didn't think they could remember it so fast. I think they remember it so well because of the rewards haha.

There was a boy who raised up his hand to answer but he didn't know the answer, he just wanted to hug Kanae lol. 

After that it was time to go home. We thanked the teachers there and said goodbye to the kids. Apple get to play the slide in the end. It was a great time for Apple as well because she gets to mingle with other kids around her age.

Great day, great experience.