Dec 28, 2012

This is a very late post

Petrosains Science Show 2012!

We go way back to...29th of September. And here we are, 3 more days til 2013 and I'm turning back time?

Woke up early in the morning to go to the Science Show. I find it quite anticipating. Here is the view I always get when I walk to school. It's rather calming actually. I like that feeling, just staring at the sky and observing the mixture of colours and luminance that glow. I get those movie moments sometimes when I walk to school every morning. Teehee.

The stage set up.

The lighting was fun hahaha. Lol. It's all purple and then pink and then blue. Moves vigorously. Very fun lah. I give credits to the guys in charge of the lighting :D (wtf)

We were given Milo and a packet of fried bee hoon. Yay free food!

Handsome Linghes with ghost Yee. The best friends :)

Yee is ridiculously fair = =

She sat on my left side.

And to my right...

Pei Ern! The best friend that do not have ridiculously fair skin like me! ^^v

Voonwei sat next to Ern. Snapped some photos before the show start. #girlsbeinggirls

It wasn't long til the first finalist was on stage.

A collage of the performances.

In between the performances, it got quite bored. Didn't quite attract us. And the seat wasn't that comfortable :\ I think it started to get boring in the middle of the 9 science shows. Some was really interesting. I think the last three shows was the best. It totally captured everyone's attention. At least my friends and I did! The supporters were really supportive. They cheered for their school's representatives enthusiastically. Our school don't have any representatives. Our school was invited as a viewers.

The highlight of the whole event must be the prize giving ceremony. I was so happy for the winners! You all deserved it :) The winner was from Sabah and they came to KL without anyone except for their teachers. No friends to support them. But their show was awesome, I support them! In fact I think most of them also supported them, because we were require to vote for three teams and they got the most favourite team! Wohooooo. 

Oh I forgot one part, I got up on stage to help the finalist for their science shows. I volunteered! And they picked me!!! :DDDD My heart was pumping with excitement because I created BIG GIANT BUBBLES!!! HAHAHAH. 

Okay I've finish with my excitement hahahhaha.

Oh wait there's more... When we were on our way out, we were given with packets of food again!!! Mad love. Oh thank you Petrosains! I love food! Yee told me they got spaghetti when she went to compete at KLCC. I got envious when I knew that. Who gives spaghetti on science shows?!

Anyhow, that day was very happy indeed :D

We got ayam masak merah and a packet drink and papadam and...i forgot what already. But what's even nicer was...Voonwei gave me her packet! MAD LOVE T^T *tears of joy.

Oh, and all of us got fly kisses from boys when our buses met wtf lolololol.

Sorry, I went berserk with my last few sentences HEH.

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